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Taylor Hall is......a Sabre....for 1 year... 5 Places

October 11, 2020, 7:05 PM ET [34 Comments]
This is truly remarkable...a one year deal with the Sabres...$8 million

So this season Hall could...
1. Help the Sabres into a playoff spot and/or find out he loves playing there
2. Be traded at the deadline for alot...(he does a have a NTC and a NMC so he could decide where that trade goes to...

A one year deal also implies A WHOLE LOT.

Who has cap space NEXT summer..

1. Seattle...2021-22 Cap Space: All of it.
Maybe Hall wants to be a Kraken

2.Calgary...2021-22 Cap Space:$17 Million
Flames have on 5M now...and its where I have always heard Hall wants to go. They have a goalie now too

3. Montreal... 2021-22 Cap Space: $29Million
Habs have only $4M right now, but $25 comes off the book

4. Nashville. 2021-22 Cap Space: $22Million
They are in fantastic shape Cap wise. Almost $15M still this year. And all key guys signed.

5. Edmonton: 2021-22 Cap Space $30Million
Maybe he wants to go back to Edmonton. They only have 700,000 right now, but $29M coming off the books after this season.

6. Boston:2021-22 Cap Space $41Million
Bruins have over 11M right now and really only have to sign Chara... They won't have a goalie signed next season...

7. Buffalo: 2021-22 Cap Space $41 Million
Then Sabres have $13 Million AFTER signing Hall today. Next season they will have $41.

Of course all these teams will have to also sign players, but there is little doubt that after this season Hall will have much better options...

He will be competing with the next UFA Class of course...However, he already is probably the best UFA that will be available...

Other UFA forwards before next season?

Ovechkin...Caps of KHL.

then it gets light. Krejci, Landeskog, Getzlaf....not a whole lot...
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