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Sunday Rumors: Isles in on Ilya, Habs and Canes, Koivu/Selanne Package?

November 29, 2009, 12:28 PM ET [ Comments]
Happy Sunday.

So nice to be back in the office today. Much easier to communicate with sources.

So this Kovalchuk situation is getting more and more interesting. There is little doubt that the Thrashers are trying to keep Kovalchuk and are still hopeful, but deadlines have been set internally and I am told that Don Waddell will "not screw around and get a small return like he did for Hossa should it get to that."

Along with the Predators (who have scouted the Thrashers for the last two games since I wrote that there may be an ownership decision coming to try and bring Kovalchuk in) you can add the Islanders to the list of suitors. The Islanders have all sorts of money under the cap, and Charles Wang has shown previously that he will take a shot if his team stays in the playoff hunt even if there are no assurances that that rental can be retained moving forward (remember Ryan Smyth)

Watching Kovalchuk last night...simply wow. I know it's not breaking news, but how smooth is this player? Having watched Ilya play for years I am noticing a new level in his confidence. There is something about his skating and determination that makes you realize that as great as he has been another level may be coming.

It got me thinking....should Kovalchuk be talked about with Ovechkin, Malkin, Iginla, and Crosby? In my opinion he should be and would be if he played in New York. No question.

Should Kovalchuk and Waddell get it done, and as of now that is where I would put my money, the Thrashers are starting to look like a team that could be very much a factor over the next few years. I love the way Anderson has these guys playing.

The rumors continue around Carolina who is looking like a team so far out of sync it is scary. the latest is that they have interest in Tomas Plekanec. While I am not hearing who could be heading back to Montreal, two prospects the Canadiens love I am told are Zach Boychuk and Drayson Bowman. Especially Boychuk. Of course the Canes would only move for Plekanec if they knew they could sign him.

Meanwhile, I heard a VERY whacky rumor today that I don't see happening but is fun to think about. Koivu and Selanne could possibly be packaged together in a deal to a team in the east...

The pressure in St. Louis is definitely mounting as it is in Philadelphia.

more to come

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