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Source:We could see a team move to Quebec the year after Seattle; Tues Buzz

October 27, 2020, 10:39 AM ET [190 Comments]
The NHL has always had several roadmaps for 5 years out, 10 years out, etc...

I texted back and forth with a source today about the fact that the NHL has more contingency plans than ever right now...Here is a copy of the text chain..

Source: The Pandemic means contingency plans layered on top of contingency plans

Ek: How so?

Source: 3 teams NHL is really worried about over the next two seasons. possibility of playing without fans could be final blow.

Ek: could a team go under?

Source: not under, but Quebec is out there, Houston is out there, KC..

Ek: relocation?

Source: yeh, most likely in that order. Quebec would be first. They wouldn't want to overshadow Seattle's first year, so surviving two season's in place is vital. The league feels they can help out until then. 22-23 I wouldn't be shocked to see the return of the Nords.

Ek: Any idea what team moves?

Source: 1 of 3. but not beyond that.

what say you?

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