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Exactly What Will Happen in the Cup Final

June 8, 2024, 9:30 PM ET [15 Comments]
I will be answering all your questions tomorrow when I launch the Rumor Chart...but there is a little series that begins tonight...

On Edmonton vs. Florida...

Rarely have we had a more intriguing matchup of two teams who both feel ready to raise the best trophy in sports and yet do ALMOST everything they do in completely different ways...

Who comes out on top?

When I look at predicting the Cup Finals each year I find there are a few factors that almost always lead you in the right direction...

Special Teams...
I don't know if we have ever had a team enter the Finals with a more hot special teams than these Oilers...They haven't given up a power play goal in forever, and their power play is the best in Oilers history...which is saying something...

Bobrovsky is as strong as they come, and his style also is the kind of goaltending style that works the best against a side-to-side/skilled team like the Oilers..To beat players like McDavid and company an unorthodox goalie is your best bet. On the other side, Skinner has been great as well...however he hasn't had face a team that comes in the kind of waves the Panthers do...Florida shoots from everywhere and are evenmasterful at banking pucks off of goalies from behind the net...something that Skinner has shown a weekness for... don't know why, but I feel we could see Jack Campbell at some point in this series..

Finally.... Previous playoff opponents..

I am a firm believer that the teams you play in your most recent previous series can be great preparation for the Final... The Panthers have played three teams, whop like Edmonton, aredriven by stars... They have shut each one down...Meanwhile, the teams Edmonton have played aren't very Panther like at all...the closest was probably the Kings...Edmonton struggled to get by LA.

What does it all mean???

This will be a fun series with plenty of scoring...and highlights..

I do feel the Panthers depth, physicality, coaching, and ability to get other teams to play the style FLORIDA wants will mean the Cup stays out of Canada for at least one more year...

Florida in 6
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