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Does the Babcock Situation Mean the End of “Old School Coaching?”

September 18, 2023, 3:12 PM ET [95 Comments]
Mike Babcock’s resignation sent very mixed emotions through the hockey world in the last 24 hours. The era of treating players like they are lesser or without respect has definitely come to an end. This situation truly was worse than we know from even the reports…And yet some around the NHL are calling it “just the way we used to do things.”

Is that right or wrong in your opinion?

Coaches use all sorts of tactics to gain control, but I for one an glad these old school intimidation, and quite honestly lazy, methods have to be gone forever. We have seen new school coaches getting platers to buy in by using far more creative and far less personally insulting methods..

Yet some in the NHL are even saying that the Jackets should have backed Babcock more…That his methods, while extremely antiquated, are well known to be his methods…

What say you?
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