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-Yzerman"We aren't shocked"-Babcock"We're in the 'WINS' Business." RUMORS

February 22, 2010, 10:20 PM ET [ Comments]
Yzerman and Babcock met briefly with the media just now discussing team Canada.

A few quotes that stuck out...

Yzerman noted how the slow starts are nothing new to Canadian international hockey. "...and every year, everyone else does get better. We knew about the Americans. We know Miller. We aren't sitting here in shock today."

Babcock joined in, noting, "Hey, we are in the wins business. We believe Lu(ongo) gives us a big chance to win." Then Dave lauded the Canadian hockey fans for being so demanding and expecting excellence.

On Luongo, there was a sense that the two of them wanted a more standard butterfly goalie that didn't stack the pads. They noted Brodeur wasn't surprised by the decision. Of course he isn't. He is Martin Brodeur.

I talked to a source earlier today who has been in that position and whose opinion I really trust. I relayed the decision of starting Luongo to him and he couldn't believe it. "I love Luongo. but that game can't be pinned on Martin Brodeur. It is easy to blame him for bad goals or giveaways, but his D has to know how to play with him. He also made some great saves. And the Rafalski goal early was quite the deflection. I love Luongo, but if you have Marty Brodeur to play in a big game, not a prelim game where the Americans get a few great deflections, but an elimination game, you play Marty. He has ice in his blood. He has another level. He has won Cups. The Canadians need to accept responsibilty and not look to scapegoat one of the best. Marty wasn't perfect, but when he handles the puck, as a defenseman you have to know not to come at him. Get to an open area so he can deliver it to you. Marty becomes a player. If you were to charge any player, as Team Canada's D did repeatedly, what could that player possibly do?"

Babcock did admit the Defense hadn't all found there game yet by saying "Chris Pronger will admit he hasn't found his game yet." One telling quote was how they need Pronger to lead and Babcock added, "Prongs is the kind of guy who will lead once he takes care of his own thing."


Been chasing the Montreal Rumor for several days now. an here is what I have.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:These players/deals are not intended to be complete in any way and are based on a few sources who have their ear to the ground in a few cities.
On the Montreal/Edmonton/Dallas...

To Montreal: Cogliano, Brunnstrom, Smid and Dallas #2 2010, #1 2011.
To Dallas: Grebeshkov, Horcoff, another prospect player from Edmonton and Montreal's 3 in 2010.
To Edmonton: Price. Richards, a Habs Prospect, a Stars #2 next season.

On Montreal, Toronto, NJ and Peter Mueller...

On a much smaller level...The Canadiens also have great interest in Mueller.

On the LA Kings and Whitney...

Very alive once again.

On Vokoun and the Hawks or Flyers...

So far he is not waiving. Both teams love him though.

On James Wisniewski...

He will be moved, almost assured. NJ, Boston, Buffalo...

The Freeze is starting to thaw...

I will return with more...

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