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You Guys are so Immature

September 2, 2023, 6:42 PM ET [3297 Comments]
Brad Lohr
Buffalo Sabres Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
OK, more of the same. Just waiting to see what happens. Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE) is being dissolved. “We feel that it is now time for everyone to focus solely on their respective organization. It is a great time to be a Buffalo sports fan, and we have a tremendous amount of confidence that this restructuring will allow our businesses to continue to elevate with our teams.”

Elevation, what the heck does this mean? Could anything be more vague when it come to specifying a goal? Just give me my due process and listen to Cartman. I know that this is just poking fun but the Lake Erie silence is just plain eerie.

Please, no offense to anyone. At this time, it just feels like the fan base is being kept in the peripheral friend zone. We have to poke fun while we are gesturing with our hands and they are sitting on theirs..

Somebody is going to come after me for that. I wish I was Dave Chappelle who escapes all of the political nuances and still gets to be a comedian. God bless him.

Something has to break. With so much anticipation for the season are we going to just go with what we have? If yes, just let us know. If no, tell us that you are still looking at possibilities but you are confident that if nothing comes into play, that the current roster can weather the storm and get us into the post season. Own what you have built. We are turning the seats into revenue, stop turning your back on us and ignoring your ignorance. We deserve better. We are on a journey where we are all cautiously optimistic that we are at the precipice of success. Help us feel that we are on this ride together, even though you have the influence to always cut the line and be in the first car.

Once again, I can’t wait to have substance to write about. I can’t wait to talk about the standings and current matchups. I would love to be forced to put my foot in my mouth as the Sabres survive December in a controlling position regarding the playoffs.

Behind the scenes I know they are training hard. I know the landscape of doing business is magnified more than ever before. Pressure is too kind of a word, but they need to understand that we are feeling it too.

Back to the greatest number wearing players in Sabres history five at a time.

Top Dog – Jim Schoenfeld (1973-1982) A tough customer.
Runner Up – Phylis Housley (1983-1990) It could have all gone so much better. Coached liked he played. A tremendous talent but couldn’t lead the troops into battle with confidence and fearlessness.
Honorable Mention – Erik Johnson (2023) Wouldn’t it be great that this guy has a career year? What a coup that would be for the organization. He has the size and status of being a 1st overall pick. If he can stay healthy he could be the anchor we have been looking for.

Top Dog Period – Richard Martin (1972-1981) A hero on the ice and off, no player in Sabres history embedded himself into the community more than he did. He loved it here, he cared about the city and our team, he was just one if the nicest guys you could ever meet.
Runner Up - Nobody
Honorable Mention – John Tucker (1984-1991) He partied like a rock star but had some great moments. Once scored four goals in a playoff game, and the very next night scored the overtime winner.

Top Dog – Jin Lorentz (1972-1978) The Batman
Runner Up – Tony McKegney (1979-1983) A character to say the least. First African American player to score 40 goals in a season. Out and about in Buffalo in recent years. He has a kind soul and loves to talk.
Honorable Mention – Paul Cyr (1988) Apparently wore this number in 1988. Paul had an amazing shot and he also survived a gunshot wound during the offseason on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Top Dog – Derek Roy (2004-2012) A pivotal and controversial player that always played hard for his size and put up the numbers. If you saw him out it was wise to keep your girlfriend at a distance.
Runner Up – Jack Eichel (2019-2022) Ugh..
Honorable Mention – Rick Dudley (1975-1981) The headband. That’s all I have.

Top Dog – Dale Hawerchuk (1991-1995) One of the bigger trades in Sabres history brought him here. A hall of famer who is not with us anymore. One of the best passers ever to play the game.
Runner Up – Craig Ramsay (1972-1985)
Honorable Mention – Henrik Tallinder (2002-2010) Could have beat Carolina with him in the lineup.

As always a side note –

Does Sabretooth work out in the summer? Does he practice pushing his back end on the glass to a stand in referee? Is he allowed to gamble on NHL games???

Thanks –
Brad Lohr
Aka: lumberhacks
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