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Lindy Ruff Better Be Able To Mold With What We Are Being Sold.

July 6, 2024, 5:27 PM ET [2183 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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Had to wait to see if our pulpit pontificators were going to gesticulate some guidance with a closed fist. Taking the moment of control and screaming what they think we need to hear and opening their hand with a pointed finger as we all sit astonished at the feel-good moment. Kneel or sit? It always confuses me. Have I eclipsed the right of passage because I need a hip replacement? Am I old enough to sit back and listen without the up and down? The ninety-year-old lady next to me who just lost someone prominent in her life tells me no with her movement. So up and down I go pretending to sing songs that I am aware warm my soul but I really don’t know the words. I am self aware that you all don’t understand where I am going with this but I am ready to explain. If I don’t convey the thought properly, I am very sorry. Sensitive moments for sensitive people. I am not fully ingrained in forcing you to take the ride with me, I just hope that sometimes you can take a few snippets and laugh. I have said many times before that we are in this together without any control. As a fan base however, we are not ignorant. You all have legitimate concerns, and as we just traded out top prospect for an apparent faceoff specialist, these are what the heck is going on interludes.

We do have to wait and see what happens. Management does deserve the benefit of the doubt regardless of if we agree with their process. I obviously have read the biographical information of our acquisitions. I can see that what we are being sold is an underlying aspect that actually has some truth to it. Let’s not throw the willingness to change in the trash. We are significantly a different team and have gotten tougher with more tenacity. Where was this last offseason? I am not sure. It is not Easter, but Adams and Terry have thrown all of their eggs into one basket. When I talked about eating my Dan Doust’s, I am not ready to do that yet. When the modern blades came out, they were the first and only ones that were clear. You just had to have a pair. Not sure if our heroes running this organization have a pair, or if they are just throwing pucks at the wall in the basement. I am going to watch, and I hope that these tweaks are strengthening components to put us where we need to be. With prospects waiting in the wings, hopefully Lindy can manipulate success. I am not having any delusions of a top six guy coming in now, that ship has sailed. Too many bodies, not enough room, and Helenius could be a wild card. We can complain all that we want. I do believe that Stamkos, and or Kane could been have beneficiary, but it is what it is. We are going to listen to the sermon and have faith that what is being said comes from a place that has our best interests at hand. As I have said before, I know for a fact that Kevyn and Ruff have known each other dating back to the late eighties. Lindy has so much more coolness in his vertebra than Adams ever has had. Hopefully the mustache behind the bench bails everyone out. I have to separate our regiment leader from Terry and the nerd. He has a fresh start, they don’t. Kevyn and our owner have reminded me of a couple of people from my teenage past. Hopefully Ruff doesn’t have to go looking for them behind the toolshed ever again.

To the new players that are putting on our crest. I want so badly that you are difference makers. This is a special franchise and we are desperately hoping that you take it seriously. It is a hockey town waiting for real hockey players that understand that heroism is a real opportunity. Show us the love and there is no doubt that it will circle back.

Back to July 1st and the Sabres faithful. I certainly feel for all of you. We all are creatures of habit. We wake up, put on our pants on one leg at a time, and tune in to the media hoping for a jaw dropping epiphany from the house that Knox built. It would be so amazing to get someone who jumps into their slacks inserting both limbs in synch, wowing all of us with the spectacle of their greatness, but it just doesn’t happen. We get what we get and we just have to trust the Pegula process. I am truly excited to see what all of this change brings, and I once again am sucked into hope. The ice gods just might have a prophecy that tips the scale in our favor. We will sit in the forum and watch as we always do.

Quick notes from the Sabres recording session in hopes for a number one hit.

I like James Reimer like three years ago. Not sure if this means another year for Levi in Rochester. If it is so, I really feel bad for the kid. Are the UPL contract negotiations becoming combative?

We never actually got to meet Matt Savoie, but you have to wish him well. Hopefully Skinner and him are not the next ones to hold the cup over their head. This is a messed-up situation and I am dumbfounded that he is the one we had to part with. Am I missing something here? Bueller, Rosen, Ostlund, Bueller? Someone needs to go in the corner for a time out.

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Brad Lohr
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