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After a Few Days in Their own Cribs, They Woke up Sucking Their Thumbs.

March 29, 2024, 7:30 PM ET [1969 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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Our babies are back again for a weekend back to back.

We are at the point where I have to have some fun. You might get my humor or not, but one thing that we know is that after sitting in our easy chairs on Wednesday night, we had the opportunity to witness an incomprehensible tire fire. Let's go Buffalo, Oh nooo!! The word unacceptable is too kind. Nobody was ready from the coaching staff to the boys lacing them up. After an extended road trip, some kind of fatigue might be expected, but what we saw in a definitely must win game set off the fire alarms. This team has no concept of being prepared. They are coddled and they need to be bullied into performance. When you have too many times to show resilience after difficult season scenarios, and hardly ever show the willingness to impose your will, you are not brothers working towards a common goal of success. Whatever disconnect it is, there is a weak link. Someone, or everyone for that matter is not pulling their weight. You are supposed to be recharged coming back from Calgary. The coaching staff completely took the foot off the gas and probably thought that they could disappear for twenty-four hours and get some personal time. Well, this has happened over and over this year and it is deplorable. It is a pattern. We don’t have a structure in place for accountability. Everyone is just too damn soft. Articulate press conferences with commonplace rhetoric just does not get the job done. Going down five to zip against the Senators was the telling tale. It is a synapsis of our ineptitude from top to bottom.

They don’t get serious enough when there are glaring problems as we are falling behind in the beginning of the season. They don’t have the continuity to band together at the end when it counts.

What I see is a confused and selfish organization. What I witness at critical times is that nobody is willing to fall on the Sabre for the fans. No sacrifice, no fight in the dog, no respect for the crest. These guys are a bunch of children who need to be taught with hard nosed consequences. Letting them figure it out on their own is not working. I don’t see any team-bonding, I don’t recognize any compassionate play for one another. Other than a few short stretches of games, they are unable to at the very least tread water. There are no coaching life jackets, there is nobody lighting any flames. The players sit in their cribs pretending that they are mature enough for the NHL grind, and management continues to give us the Gerber treatment.

No legs against Ottawa, just plain chicken..

Hey, hey, my, my, our boatload of prospects will not help us survive. We have not even had the chance to burn out, with no talented veteran leadership we once again are fading away.

Devolution, regression, ineptitude, call it what you want. We have waited too long.

Kevyn and Donnie, you are not Don Cherry or Scotty Bowman. You are not Lindy Ruff or John Tortorella. You are not Mike Keenan or Ted Nolan. The list could go on and on, just fill in the blank. What you are is nothing at this point. You have surrounded yourself with inexperience, there is no bravery or substance. We Buffalonians do have patience, but it is absolutely exhausted. Generations of fans have checked out. At the very least we want to upgrade our meal to some spicy sausage, instead of a guy who left us home alone with Matt Ellis and a boring meatball… Where’s Kevyn!!!!

Game 73
Buffalo Sabres, 34-34-5, vs. New Jersey Devils, 36-33-4
Friday, March 29th at 7:00 pm
The Crossroads, Buffalo, NY

Perhaps the coaches gave them a few baths and some pasta to finally acclimate themselves in front of the home crowd. We deserve better. I hope that whoever makes the trek to the dream of the Knox family gets some kind of value.

For those of us who can remember still enjoying games when we were horrible because at least we were entertained, I feel your pain. I am not saying that player safety and the overall health of the game is not the proper direction to steer the NHL ship, but boy did we witness times where guys truly had to suit up and be aware of their surroundings. Grit was a necessity, not a tool you were blessed with. I understand how so many people in the world believe that the game has evolved and is better than ever before, but I wish with being loyal to the blue and gold that we could experience it for ourselves.

Came across this beauty the other day, this is not pro wrestling, this was called establishing the tone of the tilt on any given evening.

Ok boys, get a good for-check going and get on top of their suspect defense. Tire them out.
Try to get the first goal and come out with energy. Get more pucks on net from the high chance scoring areas. Go low blocker so more rebounds are possible. Don’t be afraid to go into the dirty areas around the net. Blah, Blah, Blah..

In other words, stop taking small naps and play a full sixty minutes.

Stop letting us down. Be accountable.

We will see what tonight brings with the away game at home tomorrow against the Leafs.

What else can I do except poke a little at this ludicrous situation?

Still, and always will be my favorite sports franchise. Let the memories keep coming.


Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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