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Hockey Buzz Mock Draft: Year 2, sourcing the crowd to draft each team

May 21, 2019, 10:25 PM ET [779 Comments]
Jan Levine
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Last season, we did a mock draft pick by pick to lead us up to the actual draft. This season, the interest level appears to be there again to have the same. The logistics should be similar to what we did a year ago, but running them below to verify that info. In addition, a few individuals responded to this concept on a prior blog, now, need to verify who is in.

Below is the info from last year. Please let me know any tweaks or suggestions you might have to build on what we did a year ago. The draft is a month away, so we have a bit of time to get this up and running and react to any changes to the team or the draft.

The first mock Hockey Buzz mock draft driven by the readers and a few special guests is now set. Thanks to all who have agreed to participate. This approach was driven by what I wrote Monday, “I thought a mock draft with some of the commenters taking a team and making a pick. But not only making a pick but providing the rationale for the pick. If that selector wants to propose a trade as opposed to making a pick, then they have that right. But the key has to be what works for that team and not just the Rangers.”

Overall Rules and Process

As mentioned previously, there is a little kicker. After the pick or trade is made, a poll will be posted to rate the selection or deal. If the majority of people like the pick or trade, that selection stands and it moves on to the next team’s picks. If not, the majority rules and that’s what happens with that team and pick. I have the last right of refusal to keep everything on the up and up and avoid ballot box stuffing. My request to you is that you take this serious and not make a mockery of the mock draft, because that would be an insult to the others who are participating and makes the whole process a sham. But by playing this out, we get to have healthy debate and conversation to remain engaged up and possibly beyond the draft. If teams make deals and they occur before a team’s selection is due, that deal will play a part as to when each person’s selection occurs.

Here how this will work: each evening (for now, one pick per day, but we will go to two when we get to second half of the mock draft and possibly even before that, so that we complete on time) the team’s selector will email me at [email protected] their pick and their rationale for that selection. If making a trade, the same applies, and all the selectors have been listed below along with their screen name if from this site or their twitter handle if external to help facilitate making trades. I will post that pick and rationale on the site and create a voting poll. For now, was thinking solely just a yes or no vote for the poll, but if people want me to list other options for the selection at that pick number in cases of a no vote, I am happy to do so, to help make it more robust.

Here is who I have already:

Feds91Stammer - Detroit
eichiefs9 - Islanders
Jimbo - Panthers
climbdenali12 - Ducks

If interested in taking a team, please PM and email me to [email protected] and provide your name on the site, your real name, email address and team desired.

Looking forward to running this again. We had a ton of fun last season. That should be the same again this year with New York having the second and 20th picks in the first round.

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