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Team That Lost Tavares Shuts Out Team That Got Karlsson

October 9, 2018, 9:49 AM ET [79 Comments]
This is why hockey gambling is a fools game....

The Sharks got Karlsson. The Isles lost Tavares.

So of course the Isles will win 4-0.

Everyone always says this sport is so unpredictable. Nope. It is actually completely and ridiculously predictable. After all, this is the team sport which brought us the Miracle on Ice and the Vegas Knights...Have we really learned nothing? Emotion and being told you are down and out is the fuel that feeds the soul in this sport...It ALWAYS has been.

Robyn Lehner became the first Islanders Goalie to ever record a shutout in his team debut...of course he did...

As I said prior to the season starting: The Islanders, if they get ANY goaltending at all, will be crazy dangerous and could battle for a playoff spot, because if you don't think Trotz and Lou know EXACTLY how to turn this crazy situation into a battle cry you simply haven't been paying attention...at all.

This is hockey my friends.. underdogs with motivation can become favorites. It really shouldn't be all that surprising as we see it season after season.

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