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Rangers Will Be ALL-IN on Tavares, But Would He Go There?

April 15, 2018, 10:46 AM ET [69 Comments]
The Rangers are ready to spend and Kovalchuk may be one option...at least if you listen to Kovy's people, but the real prizes are Tavares and Karlsson....

On the surface the Rangers make a ton of sense for Tavares. He can keep his family in the NY area and players almost always LOVE to play for the Rangers. It doesn't suck to play in the Big Apple in MSG and all that entails...Not many teams can make a player feel like he is in the big-time like pulling the NY Rangers sweater over your head. Believe me...it's true and guys LOVE it.

However, talking to some close to Tavares it isn't sounding like Tavares wants much to do with them....at least at this point. Everything can change of course, but this isn't a matter of him not wanting to EVER play away from the Island...Yes, he does want to play his whole career as an Islander, but he also has come around to the possibility that it may not be in the cards...He seems open to Detroit, Vancouver, and definitely Toronto...but the Rangers? No. Not at this point...

I will continue to follow this and other rumors as the playoffs continue...Tonight I am putting the finishing touches on the Rumor Chart as we are only about 2 months away from the Draft and UFA day....And trades will be plentiful this summer...

So stay tuned.
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