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Jim Balsillie Will Outbid Everybody For the Phoenix Coyotes

August 7, 2009, 12:46 AM ET [ Comments]
Steven Hindle
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Make It Seven Gets Green Light

While in the car this evening I heard a very bold, but somehow true statement.


No, the statement did not come from Balsillie, nor anyone from his camp. It was just a simple statement that rang with the truth.

...I laughed at first, realizing that it could be somehow possible that Balsillie would do that, yet the longer I let it sit in my head, the more I realized that, thanks to the ruling by the Right Honorable Redfield T. Baum, Jim Balsillie's bid will have just as good a chance as any other.

If anything, a better one.

I somehow don't see Jerry Reinsdorf ponying up the kind of cash that Balsillie is already willing to pay and I find it hard to believe that the inventor of the Blackberry is going to back out of a bidding war now.

Balsillie really will do everything and anything he can to make sure no one else gets the Coyotes. Now that he is legally allowed to bid, what is going to stop him?

He is by far the most hungry of all potential owners and he will have no problem increasing the amount he is already willing to pay, if he must.

The Board of Governors have sent Balsillie their seal of disapproval many times, yet this time around, Judge Baum has truly given Balsillie's 'Make it Seven' campaign some serious life.

I understand that the sale of the Coyotes to Balsillie will likely(eventually) involve the moving of the team out of Phoenix, and for that I feel bad.

It is never fair to see a league turn its back on a market and its fans, but it's a business and it has been done time and time again. That won't change. What will change is that the NHL will likely get a boisterous and fiesty owner in Jim Balsillie, but also an owner who will be commited and have the dollars to back it up. Whether that be in Phoenix this year or next, or Hamilton in the foreseeable future.

It's tough to see past the September auction date for the Coyotes, I'm sure all of the 'Yotes players are certainly wondering what their futures hold.

Sentiment or not, Jim got the green light from kindly ol' Red and it's all systems go for the man from Hamilton to step in and snap up these desert dogs.

From what I can tell, no one is willing to(or likely will) match any offer that Balsillie will make and then the NHL will be right back in the middle of the situation they just tried to settle.

It will happen and it will be News all over again.

...that is unless someone else wants to pay more than Mr.Balsillie?

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Go Caps!!!!!
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