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The Ultimate List of the Best Hockey People on Twitter (UPDATED March 25)

March 24, 2009, 12:29 PM ET [ Comments]
So what is Twitter?

Enter Wikipedia: "Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 bytes in length. Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends"

Twitter at its heart is bizarre. Explaining the concept is difficult to do, but once you get it, you are trapped.

I have been on Twitter for almost a year (way before it was cool) and I have become addicted. What you do is essentially find people that you are interested in, who have interesting things to say, and you "follow" their twitter entries or as they are called "tweets." (Just a note. Really against people who say I have 2,000 followers. That's just creepy. People don't follow you they follow your tweets.)

A year ago twitter was mainly technology people like my bud Kevin Rose from Diggnation. Now it is Obama, McCain, Brittany Spears, Tina Fey, Lance Armstrong, Ashton Kutcher...

If you find yourself saying, "this is stupid," know that you are not alone and almost everyone who is on Twitter shares that reaction..

I don't follow only hockey people. I follow people from all sorts of fields that interest me.

But for our purposes I have put together a list of some outstanding hockey people out there that I endorse to follow: the list ranges from official teams to just highly entertaining fans.

First, The HockeyBuzz Twitters.

of course I am at http://twitter.com/eklund

Chris Degroat (Web Designer Hockeybuzz.com)> http://twitter.com/chris_degroat
Chris is a also a Blues blogger for HB on occasion and has a great insight into the team.
Eric Engels >http://twitter.com/EHabsE
Eric Smith >http://twitter.com/BlueJacketsBuzz
Andy Strickland > http://twitter.com/andystrickland
Shaune Vetter > http://twitter.com/shaunevetter
Bill Meltzer > http://twitter.com/billmeltzer
Julie Robenhymer > http://twitter.com/julierobenhymer
Brian Metzer >http://twitter.com/bmetzer66
Kat Kealy > http://twitter.com/KatKealy
Jesse Connolly > http://twitter.com/JesseConnolly
Brandon Felder > http://twitter.com/brandon_felder
Shawn Gates > http://twitter.com/ShawnHockeybuzz
Jon Jordan > http://twitter.com/JonJordan
Mike Augello > http://twitter.com/mpaii
Aaron Musick > http://twitter.com/AaronMusick
Sam P. Woo > http://twitter.com/samuelpwoo
and of course....
Burt the Dog/ http://twitter.com/burtthedog
Don't expect him to follow you. He only follows other dogs.

Sara Keating >http://twitter.com/SKeleven
Soon to be the new Ducks blogger for Hockeybuzz. A great voice who Twitters about life in general until the Ducks are playing. Then its all Ducks...and solid stuff.

Next the official Team Twitters.

Flyers On The Fly> http://twitter.com/FlyersOnTheFly
The official Twitter site of On The Fly (philadelphiaflyers.com), kept by Flyers communications manager Kevin Kurz. Kevin is very connected in the organization.

The Edmonton Oilers Official Blog > http://twitter.com/NHL_Oilers
Good Stuff.

The Atlanta Thrashers > http://twitter.com/BenThrashers
Ben does a fantastic job for the Thrash.

The Chicago Blackhawks > http://twitter.com/NHLBlackhawks
MAy be the team twitter with the most followers. Always timeley.

Montreal Canadiens > http://twitter.com/CanadiensMTL
Official Habs Twitter

Ottawa Senators > http://twitter.com/ottawasenators
Official Sens twitter with some fun trivia

The Pittsburgh Penguins > http://twitter.com/pghpenguins
Run by the Penguins and privy to some very high up info...a great team site from a team that does PR better than anyone in the biz.

The Dallas Stars > http://twitter.com/dallasstars
Official Stars Twitter

NY Rangers > http://twitter.com/NewYorkRangers
great on transactions and current stuff.

The Toronto Maple Leafs > http://twitter.com/MapleLeafs
A good sum up of Leafs stories online.

The Washington Capitals > http://twitter.com/washcaps

The Rochester Americans > http://twitter.com/LetsGoAmerks
Great AHL Twitter run by: Keith Wozniak http://twitter.com/keithwozniak

And finally, everyone else that I find fascinating...

Alexander Ovechkin > http://twitter.com/ovi8
For six days during the All-Star Break AO Twittered, but hasn't since.

Michael McDonald >http://twitter.com/McDonaldMichael
Friend and Freelance hockey writer who covers the Flyers and other teams and shares my love of things gadgetty. Mike is as solid as they come.

Nate Ewell > http://twitter.com/nateewell
Editor of InsideCollegeHockey.com and all around great hockey person. Doesn't twitter as much as we'd like so GET IT ON!

YYZ Sports Media > http://twitter.com/yyzsportsmedia
Toronto based VERY informative companion to the Toronto Sports Media Blog

BD Gallof > http://twitter.com/bdgallof
A great Isles Blogger. Very insightful

The Hockey Card Show > http://twitter.com/hockeycardshow
You've seen them on Hockeybuzz. They are the Diggnation of the Hockey Card World.

Japers Rink > http://twitter.com/JapersRink
I like Japers alot...especially for game preview stuff

On Frozen Blog > http://twitter.com/OnFrozenBlog
On of the definite staples for Caps fans

Eric McErlain > http://twitter.com/emcerlain
A legend in the Blogosphere and one of hockey blogging's true pioneers.

Kuklas Korner > http://twitter.com/kuklaskorner
Pretty much a must follow. Kuklas Korner performs a great service for anyone wanting to keep up with all the various writers in the NHL.

Geeks On Ice > http://twitter.com/GeeksonIce
Is there any better name? From Moncton, NB. Good guys who get behind good causes.

Chris Nadeau > http://twitter.com/cnadeau
creator of the hockeyzen.com

Shannon Paul/ Detroit Red Wings > http://twitter.com/shannonpaul, http://twitter.com/detroitredwings
Shannon is a great person to follow simply because not only does she run one of the best TEAM blogs for the Red Wings, but her personal blog is exactly why I love twitter. She is an interesting person doing interesting things and pointing out some cool things online.

Fred Faust > http://twitter.com/thefredelement
Fred is maintaining an excellent list of fan bloggers the twitter at http://mygeekreview.blogspot.com/2009/02/hockey-twits.html

Bill Brister> http://twitter.com/icejunkies
Passionate and entertaining Hockey Ranter.

Caty Marzi > http://twitter.com/CMarzi84
Works at ESPN, is a die-hard Rangers fan, and has an EXTERMELY sharp and entertaining wit about her writing.

Hockey Wilderness (Minnesota Wild) > http://twitter.com/hockeywildernes
does a solid job at tracking the various Wild bloggers out there.

Predfans > http://twitter.com/predfans
A group Twitter for Predators Fans. Very informative and passionate

Dirk Hoag> http://twitter.com/Forechecker
Dirk is excellent especially when it comes to Stats.

Paul Nicholson> http://twitter.com/pwnicholson
A Preds fan and One sharp internet/Tech Guy. Fully enjoyable.

Buddy Oakes> http://twitter.com/PredsOnTheGlass
Buddy maintains a great blog with his son Jackson...The do Podcasting as well

George Scoville > http://twitter.com/stackiii
Preds Fan, but also serious conservative political journalist

James Mirtle> http://twitter.com/mirtle
Few are more respected than James and Fromtherink.com

All_HAbs> http://twitter.com/All_Habs
A solid Montreal Canadiens blogger who is very active in the twittersphere.

Christy Hammond >http://twitter.com/behindthejersey
Christy is a college student interning with the Red Wings in PR and at U of Michigan in media relations. Her work is FAR ahead of her experience. She is one of those people that you can just tell will be amazingly successful in whatever she does. Her blog, http://sportsprblog.com/blog/ is an amazing resource.

The Capitals >http://twitter.com/The_Capitals
A good news breaker although it bills itself by the curious bio: News and game updates on the Washington Capitals. Unauthorized... currently anyway... :)

Edmonton Oilers (unofficial) > http://twitter.com/edmontonoilers
Updated by one of the more interesting edmonotonians out there, Mack D. Male> http://twitter.com/mastermaq

Pokecheck >http://twitter.com/Pokecheck
Great Hurricanes info. really gives you a feel for the passion of that underrated fanbase.

Angela Robson > http://twitter.com/goaliegirl
With over 8,000 updates she still puts up some fascinating and amusing information several times a day.

Chris Lucas > http://twitter.com/Hockeyskates
From the midwest comes this marketing guru who is very knowledgable about both on and offline marketing

Tyler > http://twitter.com/nhldigest
Commercial Banker by day, NHL Evangelist and Hockey Junkie by night. Interesting perspectives.

Jenn Schooley >http://twitter.com/RockinPRGirl
As funny and as entertaining as they come. Though I have only met her through twitter, you can tell that Jenn is also a really good person and has a solid PR mind.

Motherpucker> http://twitter.com/motherpucker
A top Edmonton Hockey Twitterer with a vast knowledge of Oilers happenings and is also versed in International Hockey.

Dani > http://twitter.com/dani3boyz
A great and fun Islanders fan who I am not sure ever sleeps

Teka England > http://twitter.com/sweetestofdekes
Bio says it all. "Temperamental female hockey blogger seeks soft hands, hard hits, and hilarious interviews. Flyers need not apply."

Michael DiLorenzo> http://twitter.com/umassdilo
A really honest and thorough inside look into the NHL stuff from The NHL Director of Corporate Communications.

Shawn and Dawn Goodsell > http://twitter.com/MentalEdge
Shawn's company Mental Edge, who's mission is to increase personal achievement
and elevate the experience of individuals through mentoring and the
teaching of competencies necessary to achieve a positive
experience, on and off the field of play.

BigDHockey> http://twitter.com/BigDHockey
Honestly one of the best Dallas Stars voices on the internet.

For NHL scores and News from the League > http://twitter.com/NHL

Chris Clarke > http://twitter.com/clarkeyleafs
Chris truly does add some great insight as Supervising Producer, Online Content, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Aaron Portzline> http://twitter.com/Aportzline
The Great Beat Writer for the Jackets from the Dispatch. Good inside stuff.

Hoard: http://twitter.com/NHLNumbers
Interesting stats and numbers from the world of hockey

Hockey Fights > http://twitter.com/hockeyfights
An incredible way to get the video from almost every fight that goes down in the NHL

Hockey_Buzz > http://twitter.com/hockey_buzz
No relation, but good stuff.

Brendan Wilhide> http://twitter.com/beingthere
A one-time Hartford Whaler fan and currently creator of the "Sports on Twitter" list.

Hotties of hockey> http://twitter.com/hottiesofhockey
All of the Hottest Ice Girls and Hockey Fans. Really solid idea! They have 227 followers as of this writing..over/under from the Eklund bump?

One Season NHL> http://twitter.com/OneSeasonNHL
Hockey Day Trading For Sports Fans. Never done it, but it may be of interest.

Eric Gage > http://twitter.com/EricGage
XM Home Ice Perrsonality.

Jeff Veillette >http://twitter.com/Jeffler
Highly entertaining hockey writer from toronto

Toronto Globe & Mail >http://twitter.com/globehockey
a great way of following the news from the paper.

David Hutchinson > http://twitter.com/dhutchis
iGoalMag.com creator

Fiona C. Quick > http://twitter.com/quickfacts
Writer of Quick Facts for the Minnesota Hockey Journal. GREAT STUFF

Tom Callahan > http://twitter.com/predsradio
Play by play Preds Guy. great twitter.

Lindsay Applebaum > http://twitter.com/CapitalsInsider
NHL editor Lindsay Applebaum and Post reporters on all things Capitals hockey.

FanNation > http://twitter.com/FanNation
A great site. The twitter adds to it nicely.

Andres Berdy > http://twitter.com/andresberdy
Red Wings Blogger and fellow Techy Geek

Jamie Favreau >http://twitter.com/Jfavreau
Bio: Outgoing Red Wings fan that loves anything hockey. Really good social mrketing guru.

Corey Johnson > http://twitter.com/hockeyleaks
Run by solid hockey people. big apologies for leacing them off. Corey is a great guy..

Orville Bronsteter > http://twitter.com/kingofhockey
Good Stuff. Very Amusing.

Grant Beery > http://twitter.com/voteforgrant
How did I miss this guy? I have been following this Colorado Hockey fan for months!

MLSE > http://twitter.com/mlse
The Bio Alone is worth a look: Pension Plan Puppets: A Toronto Maple Leafs Blog, and Group Therapy Site

Beej > http://twitter.com/goaliemom31
Phenomenal Twitter. from her bio: "Omega Finish Carpentry (owner) promoting disabled hockey & my hockey goalie son!"

Art Middleton > http://twitter.com/starsscene
A Dallas Stars fan in Edmonton is hard to find. This is a good one!

Chris Wassel > http://twitter.com/stevens8204
From TheHockeyProgram.net

Lindsey Ungar > http://twitter.com/lindseyungar
The kind of person that you love to discover. Freelance Hockey Writer from Chicago that also tweets on general interesting topics.

Stephen Riley > http://twitter.com/stephenriley
Old School Hockey Hawks Fan.

Tom > http://twitter.com/hockeyrocker
San Jose Sharks fan also into wine and music. (I can relate)

Sebastian Keil > http://twitter.com/planetsab
Hckey fan in Hamburg Germany. Greaty Guy and solid Twitterer.

Edgar Arce > http://twitter.com/eltorolatino
A great Ducks blogger. Well rounded Twitterer.

And finally this "top secret twitter" address that was set up by a TRUE HOCKEY INSIDER. He set it up today when I taught him about this concept. I would suggest following it. Talking to this guy in a regular basis he just KNOWS things....it can be found at http://twitter.com/nhlsecrets

Enjoy. if you feel you should be added to this list or I just forgot you, please email me at eklund (at) hockeybuzz dot com. put twitter in the title and I will either add you or check it out
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