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Flash Gordon Tapped as Isles Coach

August 12, 2008, 7:45 PM ET [ Comments]

Come on in. We are all friends here. Islanders fans who have carried the torch (or blade) through the years and years. From our lean days of start. To glory days. From our twilight and then the long and winding tunnel that we've been mired upon the cold gray grasp since. Looking for some shred of daylight. Not that fake quick bask that was only a mirage those few years we sniffed the sweet sixteen. We were not ready. Posers who did an Easy Bake Oven cake rise than a fast plummet.

We might have screwed the pooch multiple times, yet we still follow. For all the hits, bumps and bruises, somewhere we still love that mangy dog that sometimes grips onto extremities and vulnerabilities like a Rottweiler. Or Chopper, from Stand By Me. Yet we still love that son of a bitch. Literally.

So we now are at a new juncture. Yes, we've been here before. So many crossroads, twists and capitulations in Isles Country. No rollercoaster can match the trip we've been locked into.

A new coach has been selected. I'm pretty sure he was already selected when word of 3 final candidates hit the news feeder. You don't go through this process without knowing who exactly you want. Someone wins. Someone is the clear best choice. If there is hemming and hawing, maybe they should have done a better job to get Quennville to visit LI.

When Scott "Flash" Gordon takes over, it will be because Garth knows that this is the key guy. For Garth's own future as well as the team fortunes rest on this pick. There are no room for errors anymore. No room for the wrong people. No room for misguided, mistaken, misconstrued perceptions, or misanalysed situations. There is no room for failure. There is no room for being unsure, insecure or confused.

There is simply no more room to be wrong anymore. That rope has gone to the end, to that final knot. Hang on it or climb.

Gordon comes in as someone who can work well with goalies. Something extremely important since word is that the goalie fracture between Ted and DP led to one of the biggest bitter pills for both parties. For it was the very fulcrum that pivoted all that followed. Garth taking the reigns might have been one side of the power-shift, but the goalie vs Ted had to be the other. It takes more than one even weight to tip the scales so quickly.

There is still rumblings from those close to Ted with foul words and feelings over that melted relations. Funny thing though, they are aimed at DP instead of Garth. Yet, still here is stop #2 for Ted where he once again could not get along with his goalie. So how much these have merit after-the-fact is still to be measured.

Gordon comes in with mighty compliments from those in the Bruins organization. He, unlike the other two who didn't exactly sets hearts and minds ablaze in Isles fandom, has risk.

But he also has reward.

Sure, they'll be the usual jokes that Garth wants some newbie to do his bidding. The inexperienced guy to listen. All that jazz.

Scott Gordon will be likely coming in with a plan. The plan. That plan that he and Garth spoke about and are excited to implement. It will be about communication, making strides with those kids who hang in the balance. For he, like the kids, will have time to get to know one another. Newsday reports he's signed a multi-year deal.

- BD
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