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Snippets of Hope, But Playoffs? Nope…

April 11, 2024, 12:14 AM ET [1848 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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Well, the last time I wrote, I was done being emotionally involved with this team for the rest of the season. It's been too long and I am sorry to you all. After their big road trip with three losses, they came home and showed their true colors against Ottawa. With a few spirited efforts sandwiched in between uninspired complete zone outs, I felt sorry for the fans who were still invested. I had to check out. Yes, I went to the Washington game and had fun with my dad, but I honestly refused to watch any of the last handful of contests. I looked at the scores and the highlights, but I couldn't endure the stretches of perplexing play when it should matter.

Look, I am going to be arrogant right now and say that through the year I have been 90% spot on with my analysis of this team, but so have you all. I know this is my job, but it was not worth the discussion anymore. Why didn’t management figure out the problematic flaws early? Why are they so inept in regards to fixing what we all see? I am going to repeat so many things that I have posted. They are obvious to everyone. I am not a hockey soothsayer.

Do Pegula, Adams, Granato, or the players for that matter think we are stupid? Did they just take us on another ride where they kick it into a semi higher gear for the second half of the season only to fall short? Yes, they let it happen again and it is unacceptable. This is a mediocre hockey club that doesn’t really go on any streaks, winning or losing. They are a five hundred team that lacks higher end veteran leadership, and stocks prospects that will never play. I know. Trust the process, but why do we have to suffer another year? 1066 games without making the post season. Are you kidding me? It has all cost us a lot of emotional time and money. Don’t let October through December go by without being at least five games over five hundred. If you don’t have the fortitude to get games into overtime when it is not your night, then mend it and address it before it is too late. Maybe call a time out before the snow starts dropping like you in the standings?

During the many big games of the year they went through the motions. Do you think Patrick Kane would have gotten us at least six more points this year?
Should be scoring for us, not them. Is this what you call taking control?

I am not saying he would have been the answer, but he might have been better than Victor.

What about a guy like Joe Pavelski? 39 years old and 66 points this year. I know he is not available but wouldn’t it be nice someone like that lacing them up for you instead of Jost?

Our “big” two lines can’t handle opponents without toughness and secondary scoring. We have none. Our coaches held on to an implemented defensive philosophy when goaltending was solidifying, instead of opening it up. Our power play was abysmal and probably might have gotten us to where we needed to go if it was handled properly.

With all of that said we once again will be sucked into the summer of free agency and the draft with hopes of making us a champion. It will be in their hands again, hopefully they laugh at our criticism because major accomplishments are made. I pray that they just don’t take us for another ride.

Game 80
Buffalo Sabres, 37-37-5, vs. Washington Capitals, 37-30-11
Thursday, April 11th at 7:00 pm
The Crossroads, Buffalo, NY

Fan Appreciation Night

No booing, free t-shirt, and perhaps a salute from the boys….

We can get into the epic player production drop off next time.

Whoever goes to the game, instead of playing where’s Waldo, try it with Dylan Cozens. The workhorse from Whitehorse.

If anyone was interested - Sam Reinhart, 53 goals, 37 assists, 90 points so far.

Do you think that Mr. Ellis is going to interviewed after being involved in his last game as a Sabre?

If they ever win the Stanley Cup, that is why you tip the car over and set it on fire..
(Thanks for that one Ivan)

Still, and always will be my favorite sports franchise. Let the memories keep coming.


Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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