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Oooh, Ahhhhhh, Sabres Won Three Games in a Row…

February 27, 2024, 3:27 AM ET [1135 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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Alright, as a sports community we are optimistic survivors. I sold my tickets for half price and was thankful to sit on my couch Sunday night, instead of dealing with all of the hassle of getting down to the rink and paying for overpriced drinks. When you have watched as many uninspired games as I have at my age, you have to infuse the blood with a little relaxation juice. Management either doesn’t understand the energy we are starting to decide not to use, or their ignorant perception does not care. They don’t comprehend the extra monetary sacrifice and emotion it takes to plan a day and get your keester in the seats. I will say however, that the national anthem rotation has been pleasing on many occasions. There have been many talented people who have come through the pipeline. I actually am not kidding. The start of the game, the emotional memories, respecting the boarder with the northern ballad. On so many occasions I have been proud to be there and it brings tears to my eyes. I am internally embarrassed in myself with the company I bring, but it is just how I feel. I have preached it before. I love this sport, and I only have one team. Most of all, I embrace where I am from and am one hundred percent sure that we are one of the best hockey communities in the United States. Build it and the arena will be packed by fans who can’t afford it. Give us something positive to talk about and we will support you. We have one of the most unique crests and the players should look at it once in a while. The red eye is there for a reason. It symbolizes passion and fire. We need more of this from everybody involved.

All of this being said, from my comfortable seat at my domicile I was finally drawn in for three periods plus. I might have flipped to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives a few times during intermission, but I still wanted to watch. As I have pontificated before, it is not that hard to be above mediocre in the NHL. Even after a deplorable season, all that we want are some feel good moments that are meaningful to an achievable goal. We got that on Sunday night, but there is a long way to go to gain our confidence. Problems need to be addressed, but there are components for easy success. I hope in the coming months I can write about positive signs and impressive results on the ice and within the organization. There is no more time to waste. Inept analyzation has led to a paralyzed mentality. Pockets of spirit does not bring the hardware, or at the very least a seven-game series.

To Chris Parker, I am stealing your phrase. Following this team is professionally challenging. I want so badly to be trumpeting performances, but sometimes it is a little too late. Either in the next few weeks a miracle happens, or the tooth and I are going to go into hibernation. Big two game road trip in the sunny state. Need at least three points. Maybe Tyson Jost will foil up and Eric Johnson mysteriously gets a muscle pull, so our other Johnson can play. Quit jerking us around…

With the impressive win against Carolina, we are back to five hundred. I enjoyed seeing them compete, I liked witnessing some sacrifice. I always will get pulled into hopefully being a part of something special. At this point we finally got to even. Woo hoo!, I am going to repost this excerpt from the last time we were here, unfortunately very early in the year.

Happy, happy, joy people. What else do we have unless they dig deeper than what they have proven they are capable of….

This is from your old pal, Stinky Wissletooth…

If that doesn’t pump you up more than an overtime playoff victory, nothing will. Tell the kids that Danny Briere and Maxim made it happen at one time.

Game 59
Buffalo Sabres, 27-27-4, vs. Florida Panthers, 38-16-4
Tuesday, February 27th at 7:00 pm
Amerant Bank Arena, Sunrise, FL

Randy Moller is pretty good with commentary…

The Sabres are up against it here. Florida will give them all they can handle. The acquisition of Tkachuk and Samson Reinhart, as well as being proactive with other pieces, have made this team a juggernaut. Wish we could trade places. I have faith. I know we can figure it out.

Maybe we need some of this, sometimes you have to take a penalty for yourself.. Been a long time since I have seen some real live action..

Notes from party in the plaza… Not…

Like I have mentioned on numerous occasions. Being average is easy. Shout out to Adams or Granato for pulling their heads out of where the sun does not shine to finally shake up the line-up a little. Krebs has deserved a chance to play without scrubs, and he has shown some ability. Our future Zach St Louis isn’t so bad either. He plays hard every shift. How about this dish by Peyton at a crucial part of the contest against the Canes to Power? Nasty.

I don’t need to hear “Robbie” Ray talk about what “Matty” Ellis says between periods in regards to what the team should be doing. We should be talking about what “Mikey” Peca wants. Our power play is junk and nobody is listening to the message. Do you think somebody should be hearing mine? Does anybody remember that we had Tortorella and Ruff in our organization? Somewhere along the line the coddling has to stop. Anybody under the age of thirty is still a kid and needs to be treated as such. The press box is a lesson to be used as leverage, and even the best players should be sent there at times. Coaches are not babysitters. They should be respected hierarchy that can break-out the metaphorical belt without criticism. Bruce Smith once talked about a pecking order. When did we lose this necessary structure? I guess the kids should keep watching Travis Kelce.

Hopefully the holiday in the sun brings us two wins and we can crank some Weezer.

Until we ride again.

Let’s go Buffalo.


Brad Lohr
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