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Sign the Hanson Brothers. Trade Anybody to Do It. My Team is Disgraceful.

January 1, 2024, 8:29 PM ET [1012 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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OK, first of all Happy New Year. I am not sure where to go from here but I am upset. Our team is not good. We can’t score and we are a bunch of soft pansies. If you are going to lose, you better do it with vigor. When I was younger, going to a hockey game was a showcase from the drop of the puck till the final whistle. Guys were not getting paid in regards to what they are getting now, and they sacrificed their soul to earn the right to pull on an NHL jersey.

What we are witnessing now from our team is an embarrassment to the sport. Why is it that the league wants wide open play for 82 games, but glorifies and promotes physicality in the playoffs?

Hockey is a violent sport and it entertained us for years. Our heroes were gladiators, they laced them up and brought the nasty. The best players did not wheel down the ice untouched, they got hacked and fought through it, and gave some shots back. The Sabres put more pucks on the Senators last night, but they were sent to preschool in regards to intimidation. Brady Tkachuk is a scum, but I want that guy on our squad. Did you see him hack at the skates of one of our softies after he got out of the box? Did you see him throw his body at everyone who challenged him? I am sorry for saying this to the young players who are making their way through the lower ranks of the sport, but the model of success has been skewed. Gary Bettman has temporarily ruined the game. You are not Mark Messier, you are not Rick Tocchet. You are a bunch of overpaid wussies who don’t get challenged. In the eighties and nineties you had to fight for the space on the ice. The game was never dull from the opening faceoff. What we have now is a cat and mouse situation that makes the fans wait until the last ten minutes. Player safety, what a bunch of crap. You look at your teammates in the locker room and you tape up everything tight. Ice hockey is a battle in a corral, hitting is allowed. Protecting the defensive zone by your blueliners should be done with ferocity. Do you think that other teams are worried about taking a brutality penalty, and putting the blue and gold on the power play?

Matt Ellis has scratched his head so much that he is going bald. Why is this guy behind our bench? Why don’t we have someone who fought their way to the top who can install the Barnaby way? We get pushed around and play from the perimeter. We are in deep trouble and Mr. Adams has not tried to resolve the problem. Calling Ted Nolan or Lindy Ruff, we are softer than a cream puff.

I apologize to the young kids who are trying to embrace this team, but your top tear players for the most part don’t want to get dirty. Instead of leading by example, they are breeding complacence. To Kyle and Zemgus, either drop the gloves or retire. Chipping in a few goals here and there when you are a step behind the play is not doing anybody a favor. I am not one of the writers on the season ticket website that I empathize with, I can say it like it is. I am not paid by the man, I am crying out for our city. The playoff drought is of pandemic proportions, a third grader could have rectified it by now. I don’t care about your outfits coming into the rink, I don’t care that you served soup to the homeless. I want blood on your knuckles, and if I see you at Wegmans you better have a black eye. You make more in a year than some of us make in a lifetime. Respect your coach and give him all of what you have in the tank. Be Brady, instead of gravy. Be the steak instead of the sauce. We are all tired of it. The moral victory against Columbus was weak at best, pummel an opponent into oblivion and then do it to the next team on the schedule. You have been making our fanbase look like fools for years. Come to play in ripped jeans and a tee shirt. You are not fashion icons, you are hockey players who should have a few teeth noticeably missing when you smile. Shame on your efforts, shame on you going through the motions and not earning the Range Rover that you drive.

Shame on you Terry Pegula. Go back to the bridge with your crystal set tuning into the games, or step up and make some changes.

Disgusting, repugnant, just a stinky missing left sock. We are a joke. Other teams know they won’t be challenged, and their general managers know that we are vulnerable.

I know you have lives, but your job is to enhance ours. This is my city, as well as the people who have called it home for eternity, you are not making us proud. Either foil up or go back where you came from. Kevyn, you are one of us. Get a grip on the deplorable situation. You take our money, but give us no honey. Assets are fictitious when you are constantly losing. Make it right from your pulpit of shame.

One note from dumpster diving on New Years Day…

Krebs will never be more than a forward who just fills up the bench. For a small guy he just doesn’t perform with enough skill and tenacity. This ship has sailed. We messed up on this one and I am sure many trade opportunities have passed. A likable guy, but the body of work does not lie. With a size disadvantage you better be a Marchand or St. Louis. It is very apparent that he will never score forty points in a year let alone perhaps thirty. What are we hanging on to here?

Thanks, I hate that I have to pile on the truth. I want more and you as fans deserve it too.

Regardless of me being angry as heck, go Sabres as always.

Happy freaking new year. Ugh.

Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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