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Wings fall to superior effort and dirty play in New York

November 30, 2023, 3:31 AM ET [165 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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Before getting into specifics, Detroit was outshot and outplayed. New York had the more potent offense and got the deserved outcome. The game stolen via goaltending from MN did not sink in with the team. However, violent and uncalled headshots did their share of damage to the teams ability to come back.

That said, the trio of Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher, and Jody Shelley showed they have absolutely no integrity when it comes to calling the game. Even as Gostisbehere had to be taken off the ice after being boarded, Jody and Brian blamed Ghost for getting hurt. They did the same when Debrincat was hit in the head by Kreider at the bench. This Ranger’s team reflects Laviolette’s style and personality well. Try to hurt the opposition as much as possible, but have better gaps than Lavi’s 5th set of hair plugs.

Detroit needs to just move on past this one. They were outplayed, but for laughs can replay a half hour segment of Trouba painting his body and jumping into a canvas and calling it art. A Bugs Bunny skit brought to life. Sure to make millions.

The only advice I can give is that the next time TNT has the broadcast, find a way to skip it.

First Period Detroit goals:
No First Period goals by Detroit

First Period:
Wings head to the box at 1;53. Perron off for hooking. Rangers get 3 shots in the first 1:02 of the power play. Husso finally freezes the puck (also at least one pipe ring). Veleno took the faceoff and was hit in the mouth with a cross check. No penalty, but play halted as Veleno hit the ice. Wings kill off remaining minute.

Sprong now sporting #17. Wrist looks ready for a Rolex.

Wings back to the box, hooking again. This time Maata. LaLonde not happy with refs, but the more grief he gives them the worse it’s going to get. Wings kill it. Shots 8-4 NYR

Wings finally get to the man advantage with 5:04 left as Rasmussen was tripped up. Detroit needs to find some footing with this power play as New York has carried the game for the most part. Definitely a place where Larkin will be missed is on the advantage.

Way too much passing, Veleno again guilty. Passed on two good opportunities to shoot. Wings fail to convert. Wings with good energy after the advantage but failing to get shots on net with some good turnover chances.

Score: 0-0
Shots: 10-6 NYR

Second Period Detroit goals:
Seider gets Detroit on the board

Fabbri grabs the lead 23 seconds later:

Second Period:
4:37 into the second the Rangers open the scoring as Panarin cashes in on a pass from Lafreinierre after a turnover by Detroit in the neutral zone. 1-0. Shots 13-8 NYR.

Ironically, soon after Panarin to the box for what looked like a head shot. He’d already avoided a boarding penalty and seems to be pushing the boundaries in a dangerous way in the corners.

With just 12 seconds left Seider gets the puck at the O zone blue line, walks to the center and rips a snap shot in to tie up the game. 1-1. Shots 15-9 NYR.

23 seconds later Robby Fabbri takes the lead after Copp and Berggren help to cause a turnover and the forward snapped a shot from in close range 2-1 DET. Shots 16-11 NYR.

Wings looked like they were heading back to the power play after a knee on knee hit on Raymond but Compher went straight for Trochek who not only went for the knee but tried to throw a chicken wing to the chin. Luckily Raymond had already ducked. The league needs to take a look at what Trochek tried to do there. If he’d hit on both that could be a career ended. Wings will go to the power play with offsetting roughing penalties added to the mix.

Husso has to come up a big save on a short handed rush. Detroit had a 2 on 1 the other way but were stopped. Wings unable to convert.

Score: 2-1 DET
Shots: 21-17 NYR

Third Period Detroit goals:
No third period Detroit goals.

Third Period:
2:15 in Gostisbehere was boarded as NYR continues to play dirty in the corners. There was a resulting fight. Just 4 on 4 as Gostisbehere leaves the game. The play by play is blaming Gostisbehere for getting boarded. Brian Boucher and Jody Shelly are about as solid a Lavi’s sod patch. . Absolutely no excuse for the disgusting homering and cope of the TNT crew. Such a joke.

It appears that Raymond draws a 4 minute penalty as he skates with the puck and the TNT crew acts like he was trying to get an Oscar nomination. TNT has no business airing these games. Of course, the penalty was erased. The TNT crew could single-handedly destroy almost any game. Zero integrity and full homering saying “Raymond did whatever he could to draw a penalty”. That’s an absolute joke. Jody Shelly has less integrity as a color commentator than he did as a player. Shocking that is even possible. Brian Boucher has also become just another homering parrot for whoever signs the check.

With 10:46 NYR ties it up as Detroit has been boarded (no penalty) high sticker (no penalty) and continually ignored by officiating while Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher and Jody Shelly blame Ghost for being boarded and offer less integrity than a pyramid scheme. 2-2

Jody Shelly still boasting about Raymond getting cut open, making fun of any Detroit player that gets hurt. Pretty much on par with his career.

Chris Kreider continues the dirty play with a direct hit to the head of Debrincat, which Boucher blames Debrincat for. The former goalie has become an embarrassment. Shelly and Boucher blame every Wings player that gets hurt.

Detroit finally to the power play as Laviolette loses another row of sod seeing if he can whine his way out of this one. Of course, during the entire power play Shelly and Boucher are making excuses for the penalty.

Rangers take the lead as the Wings fail to convert. That 3-2 score will hold up, but assuredly Laviolette will be on the phone with the league for more than a few minutes after this one. If Gostisbehere is out with a concussion, Jody and Brian will probably send a card that chants “it’s all your fault” when you open it. The epitome of class from Hockey’s top shills.

Final Score: 3-2 NYR
Final Shots: 41-28 NYR
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