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Wings lose to Sens in OT after overcoming 4 goal deficit

November 16, 2023, 10:16 PM ET [17 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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In truth Detroit shouldn’t have been able to grab the OT loss single point. They were down 4-0 early into the second. However, just as a fluke bounce off of Perron helped in the comeback, a fluke bounce gave Ottawa the win.

It was good to see Larkin back after what looked like a potential groin tear. May still get bad news tomorrow after adrenaline wears off.

Reimer was awful in the first, as was the team for most of the first. If this trend continues game in and game out, something has to change. LaLonde does not look like the coach this team needs right now. The defense is easily beaten to the net far too many times. Outscoring your problems and getting and extra point is a loss in more than the standings. It’s indicative of a team that needs upgrades.

If Ottawa is the measuring stick (rebuild in similar time frame) they are the superior team. Better goaltending, Stutzle and Tkachuk make life difficult for a lot of people. We have players that want to over pass, get to the right spot and wait for the puck. Ottawa has a few players that will just run you over. Several plays where the puck was passed 2 or 3 times but should have been shot instead. leave the cute stuff for the pickup game.

Tomorrow’s tilt against Toronto could be flat out ugly. Unless Detroit can start on time and force the Leafs to play in their own zone, a late start could lead to a humiliating end. The office has to be talking about this as do the players. They haven’t come up with a solution and it’s been going this route for years. Change up the pregame. Do something to get away from having to come back from 2,3 or 4 goals against.

First Period Detroit goals:
No Detroit goals in the first period.

First Period Summary:

At 5:31 Detroit put Ottawa on the power play as Rasmussen went to the box for holding. Tkachuk scored 25 seconds in after a short handed attempt by Detroit. A big save by Reimer turned into a bigger rebound and a far side goal. 1-0 Ottawa.

At 6:16, Detroit heads to the power play as Raymond was tripped driving hard to the net. Wings fail to convert.

At 9:58 Tkachuk takes advantage of Reimer being way out of position and gets his 2nd of the night. 2-0 Ottawa on just 4 shots. Terrible goaltending and defense out of Detroit in the first.

Wings back on powerplay at 11:21 as Hamonic shot the puck over the glass and got a delay of game penalty. Perron thought he had a goal, but it looks like the goalie pad was shoved. Likely no goal. Confirmed, no goal.

Debrincat heads to the box on the next faceoff as he hooked Joseph after the faceoff. 4 on 4 for 37 seconds. Sanderson scored Ottawa’s 3rd of the night on 7 shots. Ottawa got it done before the power play started so they go to the man advantage. This is now embarrassing.

Score: 3-0 OTT
Shots: 13-9 DET
*Lalonde cannot get the team to start and sustain, and goaltending/defense is horrific.

Second Period Detroit goals:
Raymond opens scoring

Perron’s odd deflection

Debrincat makes it a 1 shot game

Tie Game!

Second Period Summary:
Just 1:18 into the second Ottawa gets their 4th goal on their 10th shot. Wings incapable of starting on time.

At 8:38 Joseph went down from a hit from his own player’s stick and sold it like it was a near death experience. Refs finally get it right, no penalty and Joseph won’t get nominated for an Oscar.

At 9:39, Raymond scored on a breakaway (Detroit’s 25th shot). 4-1 OTT. Still a deep hole (probably too deep) but good to see some movement.

At 13:20 Wings score again courtesy of a bizarre bounce off of Perron. Some concern that it hit the glove, but at this point 4-2 OTT. Shots 28-18 DET.

At 16:33 Debrincat gets his 11th and now it’s a 1 shot game. There is a challenge on the play, not sure if it’s going to official review. Well, it looks like the camera in the net may have been broken.

At 17:12 Detroit tied it! 4-4! Shots are 31-19 DET. May be Gostisbehere’s goal as it looked to go off a defenseman’s skate and in.

Score: 4-4
Shots: 32-19 DET
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Third Period Detroit goals:
No Detroit goals in the 3rd.

Third Period Summary:

With 5:24 left Detroit puts Ottawa on the power play. Wings kill the penalty but have to ice the puck as Ottawa keeps up the pressure. Shots now 38-29 DET.

With 1:31 left Wings go short handed again as the defense shoots the puck over the glass. Horrible timing. Wings finally clear with 30 seconds left in the third. Wings get a point as we head to OT. 3 on 3 favors Ottawa in my opinion. We’ll see.
Score: 4-4
Shots: 38-32 DET


Wings kill remaining penalty. Lots of back and forth now that it’s 3 on 3 again. Rasmussen line looks awful out there.

Ottawa wins on a fluke bounce similar to Perron goal
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