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Shouldn't be much longer

May 31, 2023, 2:00 PM ET [127 Comments]
Ryan Wilson
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The wait continues in the Penguins front office search. The update is that there is no update.

As of Tuesday night between 8 and 9PM when we are recording this podcast. I think the honest answer is there was no final decision. Or if there is a final decision it was made recently and we just haven’t heard it yet. Now there are still some people who believe Dubas was leaning towards taking the job. There are other people who have heard rumors Dubas has turned down the job. I don’t think as we sit here right now, either is accurate.

I think he was still going through the process. Some of it could be negotiation I don’t want to say yes or no on both sides. I think there was no final decision and what I do believe though the Penguins have indicated they need to know. When’s the actual deadline? I’m not 100% positive, but there is an understanding here from everyone involved that the Penguins need to know where this is going

So basically we don’t know anything.

I understand why people are getting antsy. We are entering the Stanley Cup Final and thus entering the NHL Entry Draft and free agency period. Two of the biggest opportunities of the year to improve a team and make changes. The Penguins also probably don’t want to lose their plan B option(s). The longer this goes they may lose Dubas and perhaps someone like Mathieu Darche, who is likely their second choice. I suppose they’d have Jason Botterill waiting there in a worst case scenario.

I don’t think it is lost on Kyle Dubas what the timeline here is. I think it is a huge life decision and taking an extra day isn’t a problem in my view. Part of the process would be Dubas already outlining plans for the team whether he’s shared them specifically or not. You can’t tell me he would enter the process without thinking about both the short- and long-term issues facing the Penguins. He’s one of the top candidates available and there are a lot of variables at play. Selfishly, it makes sense why the Penguins need this to happen now. However, if you’re Dubas you don’t necessarily have to be on the Penguins timeline and don’t ultimately have to accept the job.

Sounds like we’ll know soon, either way.

Thanks for reading!
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