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The Kyle Dubas needle is pointing towards...

May 29, 2023, 7:04 PM ET [100 Comments]
Ryan Wilson
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The wait might be coming to an end. The Pittsburgh Penguins look to be nearing the end of their front office selection process. The front runner, which has been widely reported, is Kyle Dubas. The current speculation is that he will take the job.

The following is from Elliotte Friedman’s 32 Thoughts podcast today:

There seems to be a feeling from what I understand through people who talk to those who work in Pittsburgh. that they think there’s a very good chance that Dubas is going to take this job. Now, I think it is OK for them to feel that way, but I don’t like making proclamations myself until I know. Like, I get the sense from talking around that organization or talking to people who know people in that organization that they are bracing for that to come

If it’s not Dubas where are they going? Well, I’ve heard a couple of different names. I’ve heard Mathieu Darche. some people told me not to count out Steve Greeley, and on Sunday I had somone saying that they heard it could be Jason botterill if it is not Dubas.

The one thing I do know is that I think some people were told give us through the weekend and we’ll have a better picture of where this is going. so the weekend is ending, it’s an extra day in the United States, I think we’re going to know.

This might be a situation where they’ve put all their eggs in the Kyle Dubas basket. If it works out, great. I think it would be among the best hires they possibly could have made given the situation. If for some reason Dubas backs away you might have someone like Mathieu Darche feel disrespected considering how late in the game Dubas arrived. Out of all the candidates Dubas and Darche were two of the most compelling cases, along with Eric Tulsky who is officially out of the running. I think any of the three were worth taking a shot on compared to other retread options.

I respect the Penguins shooting their shot. They clearly had Dubas as their number one and they’ve acted accordingly. I have to assume they’ve done everything in their power to impress and court him with both autonomy to make all hockey decisions and with compensation. Two things that apparently were lacking in Toronto. For Pittsburgh, it won’t be for lack of trying.

Now we wait.

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