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Wilson deserving of life ban, gets $5,000 fine; Tues Buzz w/Kevin Allen

May 4, 2021, 8:42 AM ET [332 Comments]

If you haven't seen it, I put it below, but last night Tom Wilson crossed a line he has crossed time and time again. But this time far worse, and this time twice in the same sequence of fights.

First Tom Wilson pushes Buchnevich's head into the ice by pushing his face into the ice when he's already down. THEN he sucker punches Pavel, while the ref is on top of Buchnevich...

That right there, is a 10 game suspension for Wilson...Five games for ANY Player, but with Wilson's track record...lets be conservative...10.

THEN Wilson.gets into it with Panarin. Pulls Panarin by the hair and slams him face-first into the ice. It was ugly. and through the entire scrum, Wilson never ever took off his gloves....No problem grabbing a Helmet-less Panarin's hair and slamming him though. And Panarin, one of the NHL's top 5 players, will not return this season. Only three games, but regardless of how hurt Panarin is...THAT play is a 20 game suspension for ANYONE else... For Wilson, it needs to be the rest of this season, the playoffs, and at least ten games next season...

But honestly. We've been here before with Wilson and he hasn't learned a thing from these suspensions.. He is a great player on the ice. His actual skills are unmistakable....which makes this harder to say, but the NHL and the NHLPA can NOT allow this man to play in the NHL anymore.

Here are two videos...the first one clearly shows the Buchnevich incident, the second shows the Panarin slam in detail.

Thanks to @Shayna on twitter (a must follow) for these two replays..

And another view...


Can anyone explain how (and why) Wilson should be allowed to play again this year?
Anyone else agree he needs to be gone for good?
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