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The baffling Sabres, is this game of chicken about to give? Mon's Buzz

March 1, 2021, 12:49 PM ET [101 Comments]
A long time ago I was leaving the press box in a very somber Wells Fargo Center, The Flyers had lost a big game as a result of some bad decision making and a terrible giveaway. As I neared the press elevator the great Flyers historian Bruce "Scoop" Cooper said to me, "Fred Shero used to say, 'those are the plays and the games that end men's careers.'"

Sure enough, Mike Rathje never put on a Flyers sweater again. Great guy. Solid Career. Bad play.

Anyone who witnessed the Sabres two shutout losses this weekend to the Flyers really should be feeling the same way about the future of these Buffalo Sabres.

Something has to give, and there are a lot rumors swirling today that something is about to. But what exactly?

One Buffalo source I trust texted me, "Krueger and Adams will continue to co-exist. The team has not played well in the 8 games since the return from Covid. The players will pay the price. There will be a trade and perhaps a waiver soon."

On Krueger.

I have always been a big fan of Ralph, but his handling of this team, this year, has truly been baffling at best. The Skinner situation hangs over the team's head like a rusty chainsaw. To scratch the 9 million dollar player, or play him on the fourth line to make a point, is a hill Krueger appears to be willing to die on. There simply HAS to be more to this story. The GM and Owner may be the only ones who know and understand this tactic. I've never known Skinner to be a problem in Carolina and elsewhere. Always the exact opposite.

The other night he scratches Eichel and puts out a message that Eichel is insecure and playing without confidence. JACK Eichel? Not having confidence? Eichel may be many things but insecure and lacking confidence would be VERY low on that list in my experience.

Yet we know, in the past at least, Eichel loved Krueger...as did Taylor Hall when he arrived...

A game of chicken (wings) (sorry too easy)...

The Sabres have the best power play in the NHL. Yes. Believe it or not... it is true. And they have the best power play despite Eichel and Hall accounting for 2 goals in total on the power play. Olofsson and Reinhart have combined for 11 PP goals.

Scratching Skinner is one thing....Watching Hall and Eichel combine for 3 goals in TOTAL...the team only having 25 5 v 5 goals in 19 games?

I have NEVER seen a coach survive this kind of stuff. EVER.

It makes you feel that GM Adams has no power in making the call on Krueger here. Only an owner would keep a coach around with these sort of numbers...

Something HAS to give.

What will it be?

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