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And on the 6th Day, He Said 'Thou Shall Not Sign Barabanov'

April 7, 2020, 3:58 PM ET [68 Comments]
James Tanner
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Though rumoured to be one of the finalists for the services of Russian star Alexander Barabanov, the Coyotes will not be signing him.

That honour went to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Too bad for the Coyotes, because players on ECL contracts who can step into the NHL are almost as valuable as star players.

If the Coyotes want to be successful, they’ve got to learn to manage the salary cap – which specifically means they need to stop paying mid-range players like Goligoski or Soderberg millions of dollars.

It shouldn't be a difficult concept for the team to grasp - you have limited money to spend, and there isn't a big enough difference between $4 million dollar players making a million.

Attempting to get Barabanov, a player who could step instantly into any NHL bottom six by all reports, shows that they might know this.

Soderberg is done this year, then the team need only get rid of Goligoski, Demers, and Grabner to rid the roster of absolutely terrible contracts.

The Coyotes probably could have spent most of the money they've locked in long-term on better players, but that remains to be seen. Schmaltz, Keller and Chychrun will end up either making Chayka look like a genius or an idiot.

The combo of Dvorak and Stepan for $10 million perfectly illustrates the problem with the Coyotes salary cap management. Assuming you can get one, any $9 million dollar player in combination with any rookie is a superior combo to Dvorak and Stepen.

Solving this problem is part one of how to fix the Coyotes, assuming they no longer wish to be completely reliant on whether or not their goalie is in the Hart Trophy conversation to win games.

As for my countdown, when we last left off, we had named Kyle Turris as the 40th best all-time member of the Arizona Coyotes.

We named Taken as the 40th best film of all time.

Today we move on to #39.

The 39th best Coyotes player of all time is Owen Nolan. He only played 76 games with the Coyotes (hockey db) but he makes the list for being one of the best to ever wear the uniform.

The 39th best movie of all time is the 6th Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Much like how Nic Cage was given the ultimate role of his career when someone paid him to pretend he had Tourette's syndrom, making Arnold play clones of himself is amazing.

Despite being nominated for both the Worst Actor (main character) and Worst Supporting Actor (the clone) Razzies, Arnold actually gives an understated, some would say restrained, performance as a man who is cloned for what one can only assume are erotic reasons. ,

I guess it's not that well received of a movie, but it is a cult classic (I assume) and an extremely fun and cool movie. It's got one liners, clones, explosions, characters, a set.....it's one of the best worst movies you'll ever see.

At one point, unsure if he will be cloned again after death, Arnold says "I might be back," and if that isn't awesome, what is the point of even watching movies?

The year this came out, the Academy gave the best picture to Gladiator, a complete piece of ___ so really what even constitutes a "good movie" if Russel Crowe can do a three hour Kevin Costner impression and get rewarded for it, while people went out of their way to say Arnold was bad at playing himself.

That probably hurt his feelings and made him turn towards governing. He didn't deserve the heat though, because this is a stone-cold classic.

Just thinking of how many classics we missed out on because Arnold quit movies after this to go into politics really settles my hash.

The 6th Day is a fantastic film.
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