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UFA2B Tyson Barrie. Can/Should the Leafs Keep Him? What Teams Want Him?

March 29, 2020, 10:12 AM ET [35 Comments]
As our misplaced off-season continues it’s time to dig into some more of the 2020 UFA crop that will be looking for deals and today we tackle a player who has become quite the controversy...

Tyson Barrie...

The Leafs gave up a ton to get Barrie, shipping Kadri to Colorado, but his time in Toronto has been mixed at best...Under Babcock Barrie struggled mightily, and while the coaching change helped temporarily, when the season was paused Barrie still felt very much like an enigma. Barrie's offensive prowess, speed and talents are unmistakeable, but defensively Barrie has shown himself to be all over the map.

The Leafs giving up a forward like Kadri to add a defenseman was something I very much supported but getting a purely offensive D-man honestly missed the point entirely. The leafs really wanted to do the right thing here, and they had every intention that Barrie would NOT be a rental, and yet now that feels somewhat inevitable...

Meanwhile, teams who already have some solid two-way defenders would welcome Barrie on the power play and to their blueline....

Who is interested?

So far, I am hearing the Kings, Devils, Oilers, and Panthers all will be jumping at the chance to sign Barrie and all this means the Leafs are likely NOT to be able to afford him. All this puts Toronto in a seriously tough spot. Did they lose Kadri for nothing?

What's the Buzz?

Now its your turn.

1. Did the Leafs make a mistake with Barrie?
2. Should they try and keep him?
3. What team do you think Tyson Barrie should sign with?
4. How much would you pay for Barrie?

More to come! stay safe and thanks for reading...
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