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PLUS MINUS Salutes NHL Hero Evander Kane

February 16, 2020, 2:05 PM ET [170 Comments]
James Tanner
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MINUS: Just hearing that Blue Jays legend Tony Fernandez has died. Tony Fernandez is a legend in Toronto and one of my favorite baseball players of all time. He's also an excellent allround person and a perfect rolemodel for kids growing up loving sports.

In an era of Jose Cansecos and other dbags, Tony Fernandez always stood out as a good guy. Also he made defense fun.

MINUS: The NHL player safety dept. being led by a former goon. That's like putting Guy Fieri in charge of designing a new guide to healthy eating.

MINUS: Seven games to Zack Kassien for kicking a guy. Kassien should have been criminally charged and banned from hockey for life.

Zedeno Chara was fined $5000 (which is like fining me a nickle) for cross-checking a guy's throat.

It was only by sheer luck than neither victim was seriously hurt or killed. Chara shouldn't be allowed to play another game this season.

PLUS: The NHL's Player Safety Dept. still has more credibility than the United States Justice Dept. so that's something.

PLUS: Evander Kane for openly criticizing this joke of a league.

PLUS: Been really getting into ambient music lately.

PLUS: I watching the Running Man (which sucks) but there is a guy who is chosen to hunt down Arnold while wearing skates and goalie pads. It makes no sense, because Arnold should just be able to get off the ice, but instead he chokes him out with barbwire, the bane of goalies everywhere, obviously.

MINUS: Shaw and Hobbes is the worst movie I have ever seen. Like the original Star Wars, movies where characters bicker at each other are almost intolerable to watch.

Unfortunately, this piece of crap didn't have Darth Vader to save it.

PLUS: The new Terminator movie. Awesome. I mean, it made no sense, and it was incredibly dumb, but it was a great Terminator movie nevertheless.

PLUS: The great goalscoring race between Ovechkin, Matthews and Pastrnak.

MINUS: The Coyotes continue to play Taylor Hall with two third liners, and hardly ever play him with Schultz, Kessel or Keller.

MINUS: Connor McDavid's injury. When he isn't playing, we all lose.

PLUS: You'd have thought things would have turned out badly for the Senators when they massively overpaid for Matt Duchene while believing in a bad roster.

They lucked out and didn't end up giving Colorado the #1 pick, got a franchise player with the pick they did keep, and now it looks like they'll get two shots at this year's #1 pick.

They've also probably got the best farm system in the league, already have two franchise players (Brady T and Tomas Chabot) and the future looks bright for the Senators.

PLUS: The Coyotes won a game!

PLUS: Just have to once again mention how awesome Evander Kane is. The best thing is the worst the NHL can do to him is fine him the equivalent of four cents.
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