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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Montreal exploring a Pacioretty Return?
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Jul 3 @ 10:59 AM ET
Montreal exploring a Pacioretty Return? He may still re-sign in Washington, I believe that was the plan, but the Caps made some moves and now he may be out a spot. Montreal is among the teams exploring this I am hearing....
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Jul 3 @ 11:57 AM ET
Well Chara has retired
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 3 @ 12:47 PM ET
Highly unlikely.
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 3 @ 2:55 PM ET
oh god no

good scrorer, no heart
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Jul 3 @ 3:15 PM ET
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 3 @ 3:55 PM ET
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Jul 3 @ 4:27 PM ET
This is a cheap shot…

I think I will throw up…