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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Lindholm and Zadorov to Bruins.
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Location: Brampton
Joined: 08.09.2006

Jul 1 @ 11:17 AM ET
Lindholm and Zadorov to Bruins. looking close...
Joined: 08.13.2015

Jul 1 @ 11:41 AM ET
Two great players - but two huge mistake contracts

B's got some money but they dont have enough for those two and Swayman + whatever minor adds they need to make
Boston Bruins
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Jul 1 @ 11:51 AM ET
Not a Good Year for UFA's There are ZERO #1 Centers available, DO NOT OVERPAY THIS YEAR
Vancouver Canucks
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Jul 1 @ 11:58 AM ET
Lindholm was excellent as a #3 centre for the Canucks, especially in the playoffs! So as long as you aren't signing him as #1 or #2 he should be fine....

Zadorov was great for a dozen playoff games and was benched in the reg season after he was traded and has been a 5/6 Dman for 10 years. Great interview and funny guy but have to think his first 10 years is more indicative of who he is rather than his last dozen games.