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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Flames could make Play for Reinhart.
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Jun 26 @ 12:46 PM ET
Flames could make Play for Reinhart. The Panthers are definitely hopeful that they can keep Reinhart in Florida, buit Sam's father Paul played for Calgary, and Sam grew up around the Flames...He may consider...
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Jun 26 @ 1:43 PM ET
After winning the cup, he won't join Huberdeau in Calgary.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jun 26 @ 1:56 PM ET
cup champs to full rebuilding team, not a chance this happens unless its all about the money.
Ottawa Senators
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Jun 26 @ 2:40 PM ET

He will stay in FLA
Detroit Red Wings
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Jun 26 @ 3:13 PM ET
Calgary definitely seems like the logical destination after winning the Stanley Cup.
Colorado Avalanche
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Jun 26 @ 4:34 PM ET
I'm pretty sure Reinhart was born years after his dad left Calgary. He was born in Vancouver which was where his dad last played but several years after his retirement. Paul played only two seasons in Vancouver after Calagry traded him and seems to have settled there after retirement and started his family there.
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Jun 26 @ 5:01 PM ET
All BS to create a conversation and for me to respond....overheard his dad talking in the members locker room at the golf course in February. He is planning on staying as his wife and him bought a house there and they love it. He wants to play out his career with the Cats.
Calgary Flames
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Jun 27 @ 11:03 AM ET
Fake news, all the Flames need is another former Florida Panther on a terrible contract like Huberblow.
Los Angeles Kings
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Jun 27 @ 12:23 PM ET

He will stay in FLA

- AlfieisKing

I'm pretty sure Matthew is going to remind him of his fun time in Calgary.
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Jun 27 @ 2:16 PM ET
You do know its a two way thing. After living life in Florida, scoring 57 and winning the cup, why in the hell would ANYONE in that position go to Cal... Sam will prob take a discount a sign long term in Florida.
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Jun 28 @ 6:05 PM ET
Sam Reinhart was born in 1995...in Vancouver... Paul Reinhart his dad retired from the CANUCKS in 1990.. he was never around the Flames