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Forums :: Blog World :: Paul Stewart: A Remedy for Offside Reviews
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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Jun 23 @ 5:08 AM ET
Paul Stewart: A Remedy for Offside Reviews
Boston Bruins
Location: Pittsfield , MA
Joined: 10.09.2015

Jun 23 @ 5:54 PM ET
Simple fix - don't give teams access to the video feed until intermission.
Boston Bruins
Location: ON
Joined: 06.20.2012

Jun 23 @ 7:38 PM ET
I say reviews should just be used for puck over the goal line / not over the goal line and for missed serious penalties that require supplemental discipline after the fact.
Season Ticket Holder
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Oshawa, ON
Joined: 07.26.2007

Jun 30 @ 7:09 PM ET
Love this idea!!!

Now call Gary and push it forward. You are that powerful, right? 😁
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Joined: 07.24.2015

Jul 13 @ 12:20 PM ET
I also think there needs to be a strict time limit on reviews. If Toronto can't figure it out in 30 seconds, then the call stands.