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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Logan Thompson the #1 Goalie Available?
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Jul 19 @ 11:39 AM ET
Logan Thompson the #1 Goalie Available? Of course we don’t know his health status, but NJ and Buffalo are both doing a ton a research into his status…Personally I think Vegas is nuts for even considering moving him…
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Jul 19 @ 12:05 PM ET
Whatever , he’s NOT getting traded ….. total nonsense….. they do have another 5 million a year goalie that any team can have for a bag of pucks.
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Jul 19 @ 1:25 PM ET
Is it possible your info is delayed by a month? MAYBE Vegas discussed a Thompson trade with the idea to bring back Brossoit to tandem with Hill.

But did you notice they let Brossoit walk away and sign in Winnipeg. That made it crystal clear that Thompson would not be traded. It's a tandem of Hill and Thompson. Pretty obvious. There is no discussion happening.