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Forums :: Blog World :: Jacob Billington: Jets Shut Down Red Wings, Kyle Connor Named Jets All-Star
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Jacob Billington
Ottawa Senators
Location: Westville, NS
Joined: 10.16.2021

Jan 14 @ 12:00 PM ET
Jacob Billington: Jets Shut Down Red Wings, Kyle Connor Named Jets All-Star
Winnipeg Jets
Joined: 03.13.2017

Jan 14 @ 12:30 PM ET
Thanks Jacob. The Jets have some very talented, ready for the NHL draft and develop players. Its time to open up space on the roster for some of them to get a chance. Stop signing and trading for bottom roster players and let the kids play.
Winnipeg Jets
Location: MB
Joined: 09.01.2008

Jan 14 @ 12:38 PM ET

Agree with your assessment or Declan Chisholm and Ryan Samberg - they weren't outstanding but didn't look out of place either. I was pleasantly surprised how poised they appeared and how well they played. They showed they can be counted upon.

It's nice to think we have two d-men sitting in the wings, NHL ready.

Actually I thought the influx of the young guns gave the Jets more "get up and go" which has been sorely lacking. The new guys were a plus for us. Loved the games of Perfetti and Svechnikov.

As far as the Last Man for NHL all-stars - it is a popularity contest so who knows? But I think that Nazim Kadri or Roman Josi should get in, although a case could be made for Jason Robertson.
Old Flopper
Location: Winnipeg, MB
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Jan 14 @ 4:18 PM ET
I enjoyed watching that game and it was absolutely fabulous we got a preview of Samberg and Chisholm and the other fresh faces, fresh energy.

And, there is more D waiting in the wings with Gwanke (+12) and Kovacevic (+11).

But Samberg is definitely a physical shutdown D where it looks like Chisholm has the offensive aspect, but neither looked out of place. Samberg getting PK time tells you how the organization views him.

And, the Michigan guys put on a show, Michigan goalie gets a shutout, Copp 2 goals, should had at least 4, and Connor getting 2 points.

Winnipeg Jets
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Joined: 02.11.2015

Jan 14 @ 7:46 PM ET
Thanks for the article Jacob.

I feel sorry for Heinola and Gustaffson. Those two guys can't catch a break. This would have been a chance for them to shine. Perhaps Heinola might still get that chance next week once he is off Covid watch.

Perfetti is totally ready to be on the Jets roster . I'd call it a year ahead of schedule. This kids a keeper. !!