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Jun 4 @ 6:10 AM ET
What is online radio and why does it matter? Much like traditional radio, the radio industry has changed to distribute programming via streaming media. Simply put, online radio harnesses modern web technologies to deliver digital audio data to online listeners via the Internet.

Today, there are over a dozen online radio stations that operate at no cost and allow people to download their programs for free. But what is the difference between a free service and a monetized service? For starters, free services usually offer a small selection of music that may not be of high quality and many may not have live radio. On the other hand, monetized services generally provide a wider selection of songs with high audio quality and a lot more choice of music than free services. These services generally charge an access fee and on several occasions offer a greater variety of songs and radio programs.

One of the advantages of online radio is its flexibility. Unlike the broadcast industry, the radio en ligne can be taken anywhere it wants - in your car or on the beach. This means that you can do personal programming from virtually anywhere in the world. For example, if you wanted to broadcast a religious service in a church, that would be very achievable. Podcasting, on the other hand, is limited to a particular server and does not give the same flexibility of delivery.

Another benefit of online radio is the ability to add text and audio to broadcasts. Text and audio can be added by users through RSS feeds, syndication feeds, or directly via the Internet. Text and audio can even be sent in real time via email. An online radio station allows its audience to listen live with a program while they are away from home or traveling, giving them the option of listening while on work or on vacation.

The only downside to an online radio station is that they don't offer the same control as a live audio streaming station. When using an online radio station, listeners have the flexibility to play announcements, choose their own music, and skip programs. However, some online radio stations allow listeners to receive commentary on their shows. Other than these limitations, a listener has total control over how they want to listen to their program.

Online radio stations are the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates easy, on-demand delivery of entertainment. With no advertising costs and zero listening costs, online radio stations allow subscribers to download the program, experience the service and enjoy it at no monthly cost. Also, unlike many broadcast services, online radio stations are a legal service and are backed by the FCC. These radio stations provide listeners with an incredible variety of programs and options that will captivate their interests for years to come.