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Nov 28 @ 1:45 PM ET
Seems like Yzerman could reach a mutually beneficial trade with JBB that would only involve players that they wished to get off their rosters and no picks involved..
Why not Tyler Johnson ($1M retained) and Alex Killorn ($.45M retained) for Franz Nielsen $2.625M retained
Tampa gets $5.375M more cap space without giving up a pick or prospect and has ample cap space to sign Cerilli to a 3x $4M bridge deal and only needs to clear $1M more to sign Cernak to a 2x $2.1M deal. Franz can even be buried for more space or utilized in a bottom 6 role. Stevie gets 2 very serviceable middle 6 players and a space for the new center at 2C. Seems like a win-win!
I know TB people do not want Franz but would you rather sacrifice a high pick or prospect? Would Stevie give up on acquiring a high draft pick for something like this?
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Nov 28 @ 2:08 PM ET
I'm still not convinced there will be a season yet. We might be knee-deep in dead bodies by then. Seriously. People around here are acting like there is no pandemic. Not wearing masks. Wearing masks improperly as chinstraps with their noses exposed. Not observing social distancing or taking basic precautions. People traveling to meet with family and friends - the airports were friggin packed and people were lined up to shop in brick and mortar stores for Black Friday. It's nuts.
- GalacticStone

Yup it’s a poop show in fla. friends of ours have nurses in the family and they say not enough equipment. Covid patients up to the floors, not tested, admitted in a double room, then tested after all staff, nursing doctors dietary clergy in room, then to icu
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