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Forums :: Blog World :: HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Who will win the Jack Adams in 2019-20?
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HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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Sep 11 @ 12:43 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Who will win the Jack Adams in 2019-20?
New York Rangers
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Sep 11 @ 12:44 PM ET
Jack Straw
Buffalo Sabres
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Sep 11 @ 2:09 PM ET
The Ralph.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Sep 11 @ 2:59 PM ET

Calgary Flames
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Sep 11 @ 9:49 PM ET
Tippett is probably the heavy favourite at this point. Your team needs to be bad the previous year and expected to miss the playoffs the following year. The Oilers have a decent chance at the playoffs if they get good Smith and McDavid stats healthy.

Eakins also had a decent shot, but no one pays attention to the Ducks.

Who cares though? It's not a real award since it's pretty much impossible to actually measure good coaching.
Philadelphia Flyers
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Sep 15 @ 12:07 PM ET
Let's say AV because his teams always seem to do well in the first year and the flyers should easily beat their points mark from last year