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Forums :: Blog World :: Steve Palumbo: Wilson, Sharks put business before "family"
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Steve Palumbo
San Jose Sharks
Location: Orange, CA
Joined: 02.11.2009

Jul 2 @ 12:56 AM ET
Steve Palumbo: Wilson, Sharks put business before "family"
San Jose Sharks
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Joined: 09.02.2012

Jul 2 @ 1:19 AM ET
With Pavs gone I wish we could’ve kept Donskoi. The points may not have always been there but he had some crazy good underlying stats. For less than 2 mill it would’ve been nice to get Hartman for some now much needed secondary scoring and grit. Assuming there’s some cap left over after taking care of rfa’s, Jumbo, and likely Patty, I feel like we’ll need another top 9 winger. Any thoughts on potential pickups on the cheap?
San Jose Sharks
Location: North Bay, ON
Joined: 08.15.2010

Jul 2 @ 9:01 AM ET
Steve Palumbo: Wilson, Sharks put business before "family"
- Steve Palumbo

Do we have room for a dzingle or ferland?
Montreal Canadiens
Joined: 04.03.2015

Jul 8 @ 2:30 PM ET
Depends of Labanc new contract he just signed

WHAT THE .... ! $1M for one year

56 points (17g 39a) but no right for arbitration...
j0e Th0rnton
San Jose Sharks
Location: Halifax, NS
Joined: 01.01.2008

Jul 8 @ 6:47 PM ET
Pavelski's skating has been catching up to.........nobody. he's old and slow and visibly breaking down.

I loved little Joe, but it was time.

Donskoi and nyquist are nothing worrying me about losing.

Not when we have Hertl, Meier and Labanc as our young bucks. The older forwards at 27 and 30 are Evander Kane and logan Couture.

Thornton and Marleau are waiting to take small deals and play 3rd line and we have almost 7 million in cap space left.

Its hard to rationalize but Thornton has been leaving money on the table for a decade so Wilson could field a better team. marleau literally left the leafs saying "the only place I will play is San jose and if you can't trade me there you can only trade me to a team that buys me out"

Labanc just banked on himself to have a huge year with that 1 million dollar sweetheart prove it contract. Coming off the books next year are Dell, Melker, Dillon.

Wilson is a wizard and someone should build him a statue
Season Ticket Holder
Joined: 06.15.2007

Jul 8 @ 9:34 PM ET
Sorry to see Pavs go but Karlsson is crippling the team. Thank god Banker is re-signed but afraid both the Milkman and Dillon have to go for $$ relief. Personally Kane had better really step up or dump his $7 million waste