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Location: The losers tonight are the people.-QP
Joined: 11.30.2011

May 17 @ 2:53 PM ET
I wouldn’t do that Karate Kid, spencer night is North American and a solid prospect. Stop speaking for me kid

Edit: $500 not $20k. I should have been realistic

- CanuckDon

I'll need your email for the upcoming interac transfer.
Vancouver Canucks
Location: I stay away from the completely crazy rumours on the internet.I will occasionally debunk them-Eklund
Joined: 04.18.2010

May 17 @ 2:53 PM ET
canuckdon would like to bet you 50k this would never ever happen
- johnnykarate

Carol Schram
Joined: 09.27.2013

May 17 @ 3:00 PM ET
New blog is up—with some thoughts on Esa Lindell's new contract. Big money—and in many ways, he's a pretty decent comparable for Ben Hutton....

Vancouver Canucks
Location: North of the 49th, BC
Joined: 01.09.2015

May 17 @ 6:08 PM ET
It actually does if you don't take every single word literally.

We have a list of forwards that we like , if one drops down and is available at 10 we will take them , if not the D is deep.


That’s the likely scenario
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