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Paul McCann
Nashville Predators
Location: Nolensville, TN
Joined: 09.15.2005

Mar 13 @ 2:41 PM ET
Paul McCann: Desperate... and getting serious
Nashville Predators
Joined: 02.26.2018

Mar 13 @ 3:05 PM ET
Kinda funny how just a few games ago you were criticizing those who thought we should hit the panic button.

I have no idea where you get that we have the coaching. The PP has been a train wreck all year. They looked confused half the time. How many too many men penalties have they received? Most of the time they take penalties because they're either out of position or can't maintain their composure (PK!).

I laugh when Mason comments that maybe the team needs to dummy the strategy down and "keep it simple". How much more simple can our game be? It's freaking dump and chase! We can barely get the puck in onside most of the time (and practically never if on the PP).

I'd say the biggest problem is coaching. The team is either not buying Lavy anymore or he doesn't know what adjustments would work. The PP alone should have gotten someone fired months ago. I think we had the same problems the end of last year, which continued this season but were masked by the early injuries. And NO ONE seems motivated or has a sense of urgency. Ridiculous.

I think we'll be lucky to not be swept in the first round.

Nashville Predators
Location: Nashville, TN
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Mar 13 @ 3:31 PM ET
It is no wonder the players who hustle are the RFA and UFA contracted players. The rest of them remind me of my young fellow employees who show up and depart on the exact minute. The price for success/advancement not hardly worth it to many youth. Add incredible NHL $$ and long terms into the equation, it is hard to dig deep down to give 100% effort consistently. NHL wins by out working the competition.
Philadelphia Flyers
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Mar 13 @ 3:33 PM ET
Nashville Predators
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Mar 13 @ 7:21 PM ET
Time to look to the Admirals for some spark and start sitting some players who are not contributing, which is all four lines....