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Forums :: Blog World :: Rick Sadowski: Another missed opportunity
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Rick Sadowski
Joined: 06.27.2006

Mar 12 @ 4:54 PM ET
Rick Sadowski: Another missed opportunity
Carolina Hurricanes
Location: I'll always remember the last words my grandfather ever told me. He said, "A Truck!", SK
Joined: 09.21.2009

Mar 12 @ 5:24 PM ET
love mrazek
Joined: 06.27.2012

Mar 12 @ 7:11 PM ET
You shut your mouth! Bunch of Jerks...
Carolina Hurricanes
Location: ND
Joined: 01.25.2018

Mar 12 @ 7:14 PM ET
Thought the Avs played a very solid game all around. Just how she goes sometimes :/
Colorado Avalanche
Joined: 07.07.2013

Mar 12 @ 9:42 PM ET
This team sucks.. get over it and stop making excuses.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Former Orpik44
Joined: 02.22.2013

Mar 13 @ 10:28 AM ET
How’s Brassard doing? Is he with the Avs now?