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Sep 12 @ 8:50 PM ET
Eklund: Humboldt Strong. Season Opener.
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Sep 12 @ 9:06 PM ET
Yeah it was something... must have bug or dirt something in my eye ... water keeps falling out ..
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Sep 12 @ 9:36 PM ET
I remember kids I played with in minor hockey. I see faces but can’t sort out or remember all the names. There is a deep sadness. Yet, we also honour the meaning of hockey in our communities.
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Sep 12 @ 10:19 PM ET
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Sep 12 @ 10:46 PM ET
For one night, we are ALL Broncos
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Sep 12 @ 10:49 PM ET
Sometimes less is more. Well said. Thanks.
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Sep 13 @ 1:53 AM ET
no words
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Sep 13 @ 7:52 AM ET
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Sep 13 @ 7:57 AM ET
Sometimes less is more. Well said. Thanks.
- itwasin

The hockey community support for Humboldt after that tragedy was for sure the most impressive i have ever seen in any sports.
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Sep 13 @ 9:18 AM ET
Made the Aussie news.