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Forums :: Blog World :: Sam Hitchcock: How Stamkos Leads the Lightning Going Forward
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Sam Hitchcock
Joined: 10.13.2017

Sep 7 @ 6:38 PM ET
Sam Hitchcock: How Stamkos Leads the Lightning Going Forward
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Tampa, FL
Joined: 07.05.2013

Sep 7 @ 7:35 PM ET

I am glad the Bolts have a featured writer on this website but everytime i read your blogs it brings me back to my TA days in college grading research papers and homework where students were clearly using a complex word into the paper to hopefully impress when a standard commonly used word would suffice.

As for Stamkos he doesnt need to prove anything, 25-30 goals with 40-50 assists along with improving his two way play his contract is a steal.
Joined: 07.24.2009

Sep 7 @ 10:06 PM ET
He doesn't

Stamkos isn't a leader. He comes up small when his team needs him most. Steven Chokos....
Vancouver Canucks
Joined: 09.29.2010

Sep 8 @ 6:52 AM ET
Yeah, Stamkos has to prove he's versatile or he's going to fade away. Like Spiderman in avengers 4...
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Oort Cloud, FL
Joined: 01.29.2013

Sep 8 @ 3:09 PM ET
Stamkos will be just fine. He never was the best center in the league (or top 3 even) and he never will be. But, even in his current state, he is a legit 1C and power-play specialist. Where he needs to continue improving is with faceoffs.