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Forums :: Blog World :: Rick Sadowski: TV, radio gigs for Moser, McGahey
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Rick Sadowski
Joined: 06.27.2006

Jul 11 @ 6:43 PM ET
Rick Sadowski: TV, radio gigs for Moser, McGahey
Location: Moncton, NB
Joined: 01.16.2012

Jul 11 @ 8:30 PM ET
Moser is an excellent play-by-play. Loved listening to that guy back when NHL.com and the team sites streamed the radio casts.

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Colorado Avalanche
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Jul 11 @ 8:39 PM ET
McGahey listened to Rush Limbaugh every afternoon while a freshman in college. I was there and it was emberassing. Then again I think what I used to believe...
Joined: 06.27.2012

Jul 12 @ 12:08 AM ET
McGahey sucks donkey balls. Wow I can't believe they hired him for that. Talk about going from the penthouse to the oddhouse on the radio....
Colorado Avalanche
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Joined: 09.22.2013

Jul 12 @ 11:37 AM ET
I liked Haynes. Moser is great too though. "Guts"