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Jay Greenberg
Joined: 09.29.2017

May 15 @ 10:10 AM ET
Jay Greenberg: The Road Far More Travelled
New Jersey Devils
Joined: 05.01.2015

May 15 @ 11:42 AM ET

Hockey has these anomalies but it doesn't really change much. I mean are teams going to start tanking to be the road playoff team? You play for a higher seed because it *should* put in you in a better spot. But there are a lot of factor so sometimes it doesn't mean much.

Getting the last line change is a legit benefit even if it doesn't end up in a win. Player may say they like the simple approach to the away game but the coaches would rather get the matchups they want.

Best thing is to ignore it.
Philadelphia Flyers
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May 15 @ 10:07 PM ET
Good piece! 👍