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Jul 10 @ 10:19 PM ET
The honest truth is we made a big deal about the RW being empty, but it looks more so like we have a lot of options at RW, we just don't know if they're any good because there are a lot of intangibles.

To me, LW is actually the weak side considering who is there/doesn't belong there.

We know we've heard lots of rumblings of rumors regarding Montreal and Winnipeg or Chicago.

While some of these young guys develop, I would love a proven vet to support them.

If it came down to Evander Kane or Patrick Sharp, I would choose Sharp any day of the week right now.

If the rumored return was to include Eller, it would IMO, balance our lines extremely well. If you could do it without giving up Beaulieu, Tinordi or De La Rose, even if it meant giving up Pateryn/other and a 1st or 2nd, I would do it in a heartbeat.

To me, Galchenyuk needs to be moved to center soon, but surrounded with vets who can support him defensively while allowing him to create some offense more regularly. Plekanec is our shut down centre who is pulled in too many directions. Galchenyuk shouldn't be with him if you had the option to seperate them.

To me, I don't care where the money is being spent either so long as the top 3 lines are balanced.

For me, if the only roster player leaving for Sharp was Eller, I would do this:


It's hard to say what to expect of Sekac or De La Rose, but if it's Sekac and he was apparently a defensive forward, then Plekanec and Sekac belong together in a third line role. Opting out on Bourque for another option isn't a bad idea either, but I don't see a problem with it.

2 top lines involving a more offensive threat balances the lines quite well and supports Galchenyuk's growth extremely well with the likes of Sharp and Parenteau.

If the trade could be made, would you do it?
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 11 @ 10:06 AM ET
I like the idea of Plek centering the 3rd line, but not sure he would accept that...
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 12 @ 1:04 PM ET
I like the idea of Plek centering the 3rd line, but not sure he would accept that...
- DrDoom

You don't think he held that role much of last season? It's basically 2 2nd lines with his handling the toughest assignments. He'd still get more ice time than Galchenyuk as he plays all situations.