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Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 28 @ 7:38 PM ET
I think people loved Kovalev because he was the most skilled player Montreal had in such a long time. Despite the obvious of taking nights off, I'm not saying we should have had Kovalev last year, but we sure could have used someone who could pick his shot the way Kovalev could.

How many times while with Montreal was Kovalev on the ice with the net empty to score a goal off the face off to tie the game and he actually did it. It's that skill that fans loved. If only we had a guy on the team who could do that.

I know I wish we had a guy with that kind of shot on our team.

All I know is I'm tired of seeing guys who for some stupid reason don't even try when they think there is no option and they shoot it right at the opposing goalie's chest and he doesn't even have to move to make the save. Try to make something out of the play once in awhile.

I know this is going way back, but I remember a game pushing 8-10 years ago, the backup goalie for Washington (maybe Billington) was out of the crease, 5 hole wide open, Montreal's player shot it at the goalie's chest, which has no chance of going in, but if he had shot low 5-hole, he had a decent chance of scoring because the angle was perfect, if he managed to get the shot off quickly enough.
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Jul 28 @ 9:16 PM ET
Fortunately for Montreal hockey fans, most of them were enough knowledgeable to appreciate his game and to recognize what he did for us in the playoffs.

''Only in Montreal do fans love''... ?

- Richard9

Like when he gets slashed and gives up on the play and the puck end up in the back of our net? Great talent but takes far too many games off and is an example why people question drafting russians.
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 30 @ 7:20 PM ET
... is an example why people question drafting russians.
- jordan456789

I don't think so.

Kovalev was a good professional and he was working carefully on his game during the practices. Unlike Semin, for example, Kovalev really wanted to win, he was a leader in the playoffs. The sequence involving Souray and the slashing is the exception, not the rule, I think (we came back in this series and Kovalev was a big factor).

Of course we could debate on his inability to get motivated for each game, but this is a complex psychological problem. Thing is, his salary reflected this inability, 4,5M was fair.
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Jul 31 @ 8:51 PM ET
He's the guy I wanted too, but no way in hell should he be in the NHL. That's essentially jumping from a season at 16 to the NHL, as he missed his season at 17. That's insane.
- prock

I agree with you and willey ( must be some kind of first for that), he needs another year IMO.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jul 31 @ 8:54 PM ET
I don't know if we can really confirm that. I love Kovalev, and I know a lot of people who also like him.
We cannot argue on his skills and talent. Yes, there are people who don't have a clue about the game, but most knows he won't bring much to the table back in the NHL. I don't know any Kovalev haters, and I don't know anyone who would like him back in Montreal/NHL.

And personally, for the same reasons, I'm kind of glad Montreal didn't brought Jagr in. One of the best talent ever, still can put up a show, but his time has past.

Side note: Dominik Hasek, really? His time has past too.

- alex_nrv

Jagr at least will give you effort game in and game out, Kovalev, not so much.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jul 31 @ 8:55 PM ET
Lets remember what Kovalev for what he was, someone that only showed up sometimes and never produced what his talent should have. Only in Montreal do fans love someone like Kovalev.
- jordan456789

No (frank)in poop.
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Aug 30 @ 9:35 PM ET

Atlanta Thrashers
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Sep 25 @ 5:47 PM ET
- ShootingSemin

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