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Bounce back or bounced around against Bruins?

March 14, 2019, 3:36 PM ET [76 Comments]
Peter Tessier
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The ending for the game on Tuesday night left a bad taste all around. It caused many to point finger after finger at anything to try and make an all-to similar point. Something is broken with the Jets.

In the blame-storming world there's enough for everyone on the ice at that point but it was Maurice's comments after that perhaps sum up the challenge for many fans. "There were five guys on the ice, enough to take care of that play" (my paraphrase).

The problem with that is it assigns responsibility to the players without understanding the problem and that's why many are upset. In reality no one is wrong in their assessment of the final 15 seconds of the game. Ehlers had an ill-timed and thought pass, Myers was out of position, Connor was on the point and Kulikov was not ready to read the play. There's more but you get the point.

The biggest groan and complaint was again, why were 5-57 out late in a game when they had basically been out the most at 5v5 and been shelled by San Jose? Why was Maurice doing this? Niku had not been out in almost half a period and Trouba and Chiarot had just come off. Something was up, and we know how it ended so what happens tonight?

The Jets hosted the 3rd best team in the league and almost secured a guaranteed point. Now they host the second best team and again here's hoping the team has learned it's lesson, but that seems unlikely.

The Jets are on a descent, one that started since Christmas and there appears to be no logical explanation why. Thus looking for a bounce back game is certainly something everyone wants but for many the skepticism takes over and it seems unlikely.

Rather than analyzing the bad, what can the Jets do to be good, because they are going to need to be better to beat Boston.

Defensive zone coverage. Trouba has been not-great to okay to basically bad for a few games now. He's the pillar on defence and he has to play like it. For a player who wants his payday this is his time to cement his value, there's more than a few Jets fans who are questioning it given his play of late.

The hybrid man-zone deployment is being exploited and the players as a whole need to read and react better.

Shots, take more of them. The Jets scored goals against San Jose because they took shots that were able to be tipped or deflected or even when a screen happened. They resulted in positive outcomes and they need to create more of those so shoot more when the chance arises rather than looking for the perfect shot.

Forwards need to be mindful of the neutral zone trap set and support the breakout in a way that lets speed happen earlier. Be mindful of where the D is with puck and be less static.

Traffic in front- who is the player who makes a mess in front of the net? Look at where San Jose scored it's five goals and compare that to Winnipeg's goals. Some one has to get some position and others have to find a way to get the puck in front to that position and player. Greasy goals are worth just as much as pretty ones, just ask the Sharks.

Let's get TLC back together- why is that line split when it had success?

Sometimes everyone overthinks a process or situation and it's likely many within the Jets community are too, including the coaches. The tweaks need to come without so much thought to being perfect as it to being smart and simple. When things are going your way, dumb them down and get back to the simple things and then get more complicated- that's for you Maurice.

So do they bounce back or get bounced out?
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