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Wings season tix, what moves the needle for fans?

July 9, 2024, 6:52 PM ET [4 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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a couple of weeks ago the sport business journal reported on a season ticket waiting list for the Red Wings 2025/56 season. Season Tickets for the upcoming season are sold out, at first since the Wings moved to their new home in LCA.

This, honestly, is a major encouragement. While there are good and impassioned debates on the team’s needs in moving forward a huge hurdle has been crossed. That is, this team has moved away from apathy. Fans are showing up and had a great time last year year. There are also lifelong followers/fans of the teams with legitimate concern. The fact that these discussions seem to be ongoing seems to mesh hand in hand with people making a physical and financial investment to be part of the live event.

In reflecting on this, there are some of you who at one point were likely at nearly every home game in the past that don’t go as often. In those cases, it would be an interesting collection to see what would bring the historians and witnesses to a build to greatness the really seemed to peak in the late 90s with a somewhat steep decline in the infamous Marc Andre Fleury save on Lidstrom that saw Pittsburgh win the cup in 2009. It’s easy to look back and put the timeline for rebuild much closer to that moment than it was.

In terms of “must see in person”, the following are a few thoughts on events that may see some of the faithful return to the live environment for an exceptional experience. You can rank these, agree or disagree, or mention other possibilities.

1 - Fedorov in the rafters. After paying a premium to see Lidstrom’s jersey retirement years ago, it was worth every penny. Rumors of #91 having some time in North America next year have me wondering if this could finally be taken care of. The interesting caveat is now the office is full of his former teammates and not former management. Watching the highlight reels, seeing players come back to join in the fun, and the possibility of limited edition jerseys, hats and even hockey sticks are enough for a fan like myself to look at selling off a guitar (or 3).

2 - Datsyuk appreciation/ HOF night. “The Magic Man” highlight reels are still awe inspiring and were used during prospect’s camp to help players (if they hadn’t already seen them on YouTube) understand what a special player Pavel was for the organization and the sport. Again, the swag could be incredible and add to a well balanced man cave here at the house. You again have his teammates on staff and a list of former competitors willing to do interviews about his astonishing playmaking abilities.

3 - 2002 - a space oddity. A reuniting of the 2002 team in some capacity (which now sees its 10th member entering the hall) as a fan event would be incredibly special. A chance to just speak to players, shake hands, buy books and just relive a team that could not be reconstructed under salary cap restrictions. It was a highlight and a championship video that usually gets an annual dust off here in the house.

4 - Toronto, Edmonton and Washington coming to town. While there is obviously a desire to see Detroit win games, the ability to watch Matthews brush against single season records from the 1980s, the play of McDavid, Draisaitl and Bouchard last year, and Ovechkin’s proximity to the all time goal scoring record are side bars that I’ve let myself take a moment to enjoy. They’re good for the sport, but also just fun to watch. As Ovi and Crosby will at some point step away the league is in good hands. Matthews looks to have trimmed down a bit and adding more dimensions to his game could be a lot of fun to watch. McDavid may receive Lidstrom’s former monicker as “the perfect human being”. Ovi has done in a career what all but one person has accomplished in terms of goals scored. (A feat that a long healthy career for Matthews could see once again down the line).

So, what would get you to the Pizza Palace? Any of the above, or is there something else you’re waiting for (assuming you’re not going to every game). Let me know your thoughts in the comments and enjoy that, in terms of fan engagement, the team has taken a step forward and that is worth celebrating.
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