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Detroit through 40 games, here is how my predictions have looked so far

April 5, 2021, 7:26 PM ET [26 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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Detroit beat Tampa Bay at home for the first time since 2010 (regular season). This was a pleasant surprise. In my preseason thoughts, I’d had Tampa Bay sweeping the series. With 2 games left, Detroit has already won twice in 6 contests. That is a welcome step forward for this team.

Here is my January 10th article where I did some predictions. If you don’t want to skip over and read it, here is my summary:

That breakdown is not only painful, it points out something very disturbing. The teams we are facing this season, most of them, have had our number recently. Carolina continues to grow and are poised to be a contender. Dallas made the Stanley Cup Finals. Florida has had our number, and they added Duclair (who feasted on wings last year). Columbus has been a pain in the, um, side. Tampa Bay, well the less said about their dominance the better. Nashville and Chicago are the two teams I think Detroit may well compete with. Chicago is clearly moving toward a reload/rebuild. Nashville, who not that long ago was in the cup finals, seems to have lost their way a bit. In my thinking, those are the only teams that have had enough decline to seriously impact how those games are going. I actually think Detroit could win the season series against Chicago (5-3) and tie the series with Nashville (4-4). Carolina could win six (2-6), Tampa could sweep (0-8). CBJ will probably take 5 (3-5) and Dallas could take 6 (2-6). Florida could be closer, but they have an exceptional coach and if Bobrovsky can find his way, that will be rough sledding. I’ll give them 5 wins of 8 (3-5). That would give Detroit a total of 19 wins in 56 games. Well short of 50%.

So, here is how I’ve done so far:

Florida - the series is (thankfully) finished. I’d guessed that the Panthers would win 5 of 8. I was close. Florida won 6 of 8, but two went to overtime. I’d written that Duclair was a concern, as he’d feasted on Detroit last year. Thankfully, he was limited to just one or two goals.

Tampa Bay - 6 of 8 games played, i guessed a sweep for the Bolts, Detroit has won 2 of 6 so far.

Chicago - 6 of 8 games played. i was WAY off. I thought Detroit would win this season series 5-3. In 6 games played, Detroit has only won once. Two more meetings.

Nashville - 6 of 8 games played. The Preds have won 4 and Detroit have won 2. I guessed it would be a 4-4 series tie. We’ll see how it turns out. If we win one more, I’ll call that close.

Carolina - 5 of 8 games played. Detroit has won twice, Canes 3. I have Detroit only taking 2 wins in this series, we’ll see how the last 3 go.

Columbus - 5 of 8 games played, Detroit has won 3, Jackets 2. I have CBJ winning 5, so they would have to sweep the last three.

Dallas - 4 of 8 games played, Dallas has won 3, Detroit 1. They are on pace for what I’d guessed, Dallas wins 6 and Detroit wins 2. We’ll see how it shakes out.

finally, I’d had Detroit winning 19 games in the division this year. With 16 games left, they have 13 wins. They’d have to go 6-10 in the final stretch for me to be right. I think they’ll be close.

Overall, except for Chicago who has just dominated Detroit, i wasn’t too far off so far. Let me know what you think, and what your expectations were and are for the rest of the season.
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