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The Arizona Coyotes Top 25 Gets Under Way

May 12, 2020, 2:41 PM ET [37 Comments]
James Tanner
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With four seasons, an encore, and 291 games played, we have Antoine Vermette coming in as the 25th best player in Arizona Coyotes history.

Which reminds me, that there must be at least one bad song on Nelly's classic Country Grammar.

Just like how Nelly had to put on one of the Lunatics lesser cuts just to include his boys, I've got to include Vermette because society demands that I do so.

He was a defensive player who was one of those defensive players who really just makes it so the other team always had the puck.

But people loved him back in the days when they overrated faceoffs.

Days like last Monday, etc.

He's played the 24th most games in franchise history, so he makes the list.

Now back to the good part

Top 50 Movies of All-Time

50: Limitless
49: Oh Brother Where Art Though?
48: Role Models
47: the Rock
46: Mission Impossible Franchise
45: Nicholas Cage Man Tetrology
43: The Art of Self Defense
42:Walk Hard
41: The Winter Soldier
39: The 6th Day
38: Groundhog Day
37. The Batman Trilogy - Christopher Nolan
36: Jackie Brown
35: Gremlins
34: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
33: Speed
32: Adventure Land
31: Eyes Wide Shut
30: Semi Pro
29. Endgame/Ragnorak Trilogy
28. Baby Driver
27: Next
26: Keanu

The 25th best film of all-time

Annie Hall

By all accounts, Woody Allen is not a good example of a human being.

But, one thing that gets lost in the current climate of world discourse, is that making good art is not exclusively the domain of the morally excellent.

Annie Hall is one of the best movies to ever be made - it's funny, but it's also just one of those movies that you watch and you just know it's a work of genius, like something off Blonde on Blonde.

This is probably the only film on this list that would actually appear on the list of someone who wasn't a huge Nick Cage fan, and if you have seen it, you know why.

If you haven't, go see it. If you hated Woody Allen even when it was still OK to like him, then this movie will change your mind. And if it doesn't, then stop watching movies because you have terrible taste.

If you don't like this movie because Woody is a dirtbag who should be in jail, then please DM me for my address and mail me half of your record collection and two thirds of your book collection.

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